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We Did It. We Let This Happen.

I was reading The Bookwormroom – the post was on the old Highlights for Children – and I started thinking about how much everything had changed over my lifetime. In her post, she contrasted the former children’s magazine, that tried to enlighten children about expected behaviors, in the cartoons Goofus and Gallant, that contrasted their …

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Gotta Read This Guy’s Work

Here. And, it looks as though we may – finally – have our house in the Cleveland area. Got a good rate on a mortgage, the offer was accepted, and we’re just waiting for the results of the inspection (will be on Monday, results within a few days by email). If you’ve not used Pillar …

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Understanding the Process of the Left

The Z Man has an excellent analysis of the inner workings of the Left, focusing on the Hive Mind. It makes sense, and shows why rational attempts to fight it are so futile. You cannot reason them out of their beliefs. The BEST thing you can do is to work towards structure that will not …

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The More We Uncover Their Schemes,…

…the craftier they get in finding new ways to cheat. It’s a moving target – and, like Charlie Brown, we fall for it just about every time. The trouble is, we expect most people to be like us – mostly honest. And, that is true – for MOST of us. But, it is not true …

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This Needs to Stop

But, given the culture in the Modern Democratic Party, will not – as long as the *Resident, and much of Congress and the Senate, are in thrall to China and other countries. I’ve long been around Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and other Asian groups). It’s pretty much the standard today in STEM fields. Most are …

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A Quick Alert

I’m heading out of town for a few days. The Lord of the Manor will be staying behind, this trip. We’re still trying to nail down a house: That we can afford without dipping into our retirement funds, and that will not require a bridge loan. That is big enough to give us some space, …

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Some Thoughts on the Activism of Female-Composed Groups

They really do act differently than majority-male groups.

Lest We Forget

I know that recessions are painful – boy, do I know that! I’ve lived through decades with multiple downs to the economy. Sometimes, we would just dig ourselves out of the last downturn, only to get smacked in the face with the next one. What changed? The economy got better. We didn’t use that to …

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A Super Great Morning

I got up early, texted a friend who was planning on doing POTA (Parks on the Air) and – after a quick Bojangles breakfast (I am NOT a barbarian!) – joined her at K-2883 – Andrew Jackson State Park, just outside of my city. It was a beautiful morning – not cold, but very comfortable …

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You Don’t Have to Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

Just a few blocks – in their neglected and decaying neighborhoods.

Chiming In

I’ve been out of town, in Ohio. We’re in the process of looking for a house (both depressing, and something I’m getting better at). As a result, I’ve been largely out of touch with events and commentary. This morning is the first time I’ve had to just read. I’m reading Project Hail Mary, by Andy …

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Our Happy Birthday Weekend

This is going to be a bittersweet year. Like “celebrating” your beloved relative’s birthday, shortly after they got the news that their cancer is back again. You will see the candles through a veil of tears, find your voice quivering, as you realize that this may well be the last time you will sing those …

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Steps to Returning to Normal

Last night, I took a new step on the Road to Normal. I went to my ham radio clubhouse, and just hung around for a while. I’d originally had some purpose in going – I needed to pick up a couple of coax cables, and also to run my Fundraising Committee monthly meeting. But, rather …

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An Off-the-Wall Idea

Right now, Trump is getting large – even Yuge! – crowds wherever he appears in public. Many are hoping for another run in 2024. Now, I basically like Trump. He brought in a freshness of viewpoint to the Oval Office, and Washington itself. He certainly deserved to be returned to office again in 2020 – …

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Bring the Fight HOME!

Label the Enemy.

The Babbitt Family Should NOT Settle…

…unless that involves a COMPLETE public release of ALL information in the case. I do understand the natural tendency of families to want to just get things over. To ‘bring closure’ to the death. However, they should remember that Ashlii was with those protesters, because she believed that the integrity of the Republic was a …

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I’m OFF!

Nothing major, just a quick trip to visit family, and look for a 2nd house closer to them. The summer heat really exhausts me, we’re missing out on time with the grands/great-grands, and I’d feel better if I have access to different parts of the country, if the need to GOOT – Get Out Of …

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An Election Comparison that Makes the Situation Clear


Payback’s a Real – Well, You Know

Amazingly, living under the same rules used by Democrats against the Not-Left is Just NOT Acceptable. Eh. Live with it. In other news, Jim Jordan and others are co-sponsoring an amendment to Section 230 (the legislation that gives cover to the Internet Overlords for their suppression of NLDs (Non-Leftist Dissidents). Unfortunately, with the current composition …

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Yet Another Thing I Didn’t Know

I’m sometimes discouraged at the length of the list.

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