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It’s a Pattern

First, there were periodic shortages of toilet paper, and a few random foodstuffs. The Officially Smart People (OSPs) blamed the shipping crisis – which was TOTES Trump’s fault, and not, in any way, related to anything that had happened since the Biden administration had taken over. Especially, it was NOT the New Gay Father (of …

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The notification just under the Search bar says it all – this is the WARNING to beat ALL OTHER WARNINGS! It’s on the website of the National Archives. Ya’ know, every time I think we’ve hit Peak Stupid, something like this comes along. Is there no limit to human stupidity? Apparently not. I’d been having …

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Don’t Look to the Past

Focus on the Future. We know what the Supreme Court Justices have done in the past. But, the past is not always a good way to predict future actions. Alito, up until this current abortion case, had been a relatively quiet presence on the bench. However, he was the deciding vote in several 5-4 decisions …

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Peak WTF

This is from Not the Bee. Which, I trust a LOT more than most of the long-established media outlets. Right. Because, just what EVERY Normal parent wants their kid to use in imaginative play. People who are NOT women, pretending to be women. Assuming that those people understand what a woman is, given that they …

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Just ONE Example…

…of how far the Left will go to achieve their goals. These were individuals working at the local level to express their concerns in a public forum, about the direction that the school system was taking in a variety of issues – CRT, curriculum, parental input into school board decisions, etc. For that effort, they …

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Preparation vs. Obsession

I just woke up, after an early bedtime shortly after 7 pm. The notifications sound on the phone penetrated my consciousness, and I finally realized that I had overslept my intended short nap. It was my brother and sister, reassuring each other that the tornado alert was over, and they were all good. I’m a …

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Having Some FUN Today!

For some idiot reason, I got on Twitter in the last week. I’ve been having fun finding stupid Tweets from Leftists, and Re-Tweeting them, with Quotes.

Catching Up on My Personal Life

It’s been a difficult couple of weeks. I’d been experiencing a lot of stiffness and pain in my joints (very possibly related to the weather, although aggravated by water retention and a shoulder injury). As a result, I’ve been going to doctors and physical therapy, and resting when I could. Not much time or inclination …

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Of All the Cotton-Picking Stupidities!

I do apologize for those that were inadvertantly triggered! /sarc A teacher takes the time to get actual cotton bolls, bring them in, and teach about one of the jobs that was widely done by slaves. She makes a point of showing how difficult the job was, and all some Twit came come up with …

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And, the Answer to This is:

Regionalize. A fire in a Russian chemical plant has taken out a major global supplier for many important substances necessary for manufacturing and energy production. This is getting to be common. Whether due to extreme weather, political instability, or enemy action (or carelessness, which Russia has a long history with), centralizing the manufacture or production …

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I Could Have SWORN I’d Posted About This

I’ve been fussing on social media and with friends, so I thought I’d put it down somewhere on a blog. If I did, I can’t find it now. Here is the reality that I’d been asking for. Life is GOOD.

Parental Rights, From the Perspective of a Parent

You’ve likely heard about the Dread “Don’t Say Gay” bill. That’s the name bestowed on the bill by its vehement opponents. Other than some organizations that are explicitly Christian – and, of a traditional Christian POV – you’ve likely heard little. That’s because the media is going out of its way to find the most …

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Life Has Been Eventful

Mostly good, but sometimes stressful. My dog has recovered. He is elderly, though, and likely won’t live for more than 3-5 years more. He is, however, a wonderful addition to my life. He gives me a reason to get up in the morning (something that I’m not always thrilled with – temps in Lorain, OH …

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Prep for This Year’s Elections

The FIRST task: Let your party know, in clear and unmistakable terms, that NO Representative will be returned who voted to impeach Trump for Jan. 6th events. NONE. Specifically, wave a check in front of them, and inform them that you will NOT be handing it over, should they nominate one of those Quislings. Further, …

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Is This a New Thing?

I had need to consult with about a committee membership. I noted that many of the Senate biographical information does NOT provide information on party membership, other than listing the members of sub-committees as Majority/Minority. Is this something new? I seem to remember several years ago, it was common to find party affiliation.

Synonym for Leftist

Clueless Elitist. I saw this, and had to respond directly. My answer:

How to Reform Education

As a retired teacher, who experienced a variety of working situations, from very good to unbelievably bad, I developed some ideas about how to both reform the delivered product to American citizens, and how to reduce that cost. Let’s start with the level that is perhaps the most debased from what any sane person would …

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News of the Weird-o

Me. My strange ways of interacting with fellow humanoids caused me no end of torture in childhood. Strange men and boys are tolerated – a little – because of the reputation of scientists of being able to invent something massively profitable (a reputation almost completely undeserved, BTW). But, Nerdy Girls? Nerdy Women? Please! It makes …

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What Does Putin Gain From the Damage his Economy is Taking?

If you think about it, he may be clearing out a lot of the Financial Thugs that have stood as a Challenge to his control of Russia. By crashing the money system, and leaving them with little financial reserve, he is clearing the board. Russia is rich in resources; Putin can use them to re-boot …

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Disinformation, or Good Intelligence?

I’m leaning towards Disinformation from the Deep State. One of the problems of a generally educated citizenry is that they might just remember prior acts, and make some reasonable deductions from that history. Spreading rumors is often seen by risk-averse Deep Staters as a safe mechanism to achieve their aims, without having to engage militarily. …

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