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The Crux Of The Matter

     crux n. a vital, basic, decisive, or pivotal point.      The nature of Man underlies everything in human society. We build the societies we build because we are what we are, including how various characteristics are distributed among us. Most of us want to be left alone…mostly. But some of us can’t abide that. …

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On Going Too Far

     Yesterday’s tirade about moderation reaped me an email objection I should have expected. My correspondent assumed that I had a “system” of some sort in mind, rather than a simple respect for the equilibrium principle that governs all things under the veil of time. The writer asked if I were about to advocate “Christian …

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A Deadly Shift In Emphasis

     I am frequently impressed by Misanthropic Humanitarian’s selection of Quotes for the Day. Today is such an occasion:      Those three quotes underscore one of the deadliest conceptual tragedies of recent times: the shift in emphasis from achievement to acquisition. I’m about to start sounding like a cranky old man, here – as I …

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