Category: political dynamics

Abuse and Aggression Disguised as Empathy

Weaponized Empathy is probably the chief cultural problem of our time. Empathy is used to justify all manner of atrocious behaviors on the part of Neo-Marxists. For instance, racism is perfectly justifiable if applied to a white person. You may stereotype and demean someone so long as their skin color is pale enough, and any …

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The Poison As Antidote

     This short piece at the website of the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) is a sharp, well focused destruction of federal welfare policy these past fifty-five years. It’s not the first, of course; many have remarked on the failure of federal welfarism in much the same fashion. Yet it serves as a reminder …

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“Bring Back Our Country!”

     First, a blast from the past: a piece I posted at the old Palace Of Reason about fifteen years ago:      Ever seen Federico Fellini’s movie Amarcord (I Remember)? It’s not the muddled mess so many of his other films were. It’s a memoir of his childhood in a small Italian town, during the …

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