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Conditions For Tolerance

     Sane persons in a sane society appreciate the value of a degree of conformity: not smothering, “everyone must be and think and do exactly alike” conformity, but a concession to important norms of conduct pertinent to public places and public events. It’s why we have “blue laws” about acceptable degrees of personal exposure on …

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     Caricature has become impossible:      Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B brought the body to the Grammy Awards Sunday night.      Megan Thee Stallion, coming fresh off her win for best new artist earlier in the evening, took the stage and gave a jaw-dropping performance for her hit singles, “Savage” and “Body.”      Then …

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     Being of a certain age — I’m certain of it even if you aren’t — I came to manhood amid the loudest and rowdiest years of the Sexual Revolution. Being of a certain height, build, and facial conformation — see the Personal page if you really need to know — mostly I didn’t participate. …

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