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Authentic Convictions: Where They Aren’t

     Many in the Right were surprised and worse when a veritable legion of “conservative” commentators reacted with dismay to the ascension of Donald Trump to the Republican nomination for the presidency. For some of that number, their objections approached rabid, frothing-at-the-mouth fury. Those selfsame commentators followed their dislike of Trump with a peculiar dislike …

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Trump Haters So Deranged They Now Unwittingly Align With Him

There are many irons in the fire incentivizing citizens to relinquish their rights bit by bit. The following provides a simple observation over the effectiveness of one tactic: fear. I don’t know if any reader will gain any use from this odd insight, but I felt compelled to offer it anyway. Just maybe the uncomfortable …

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Behold The Chronic Version Of The Disease

     What disease, you ask? Trump hatred, of course:      The breaching of the Capitol happened because of a conspiracy theory: that the election was actually won by Mr. Trump but stolen from him by bad people. That theory hasn’t gone away, it’s growing and spreading. What might be called the Trump Underworld—the operatives, grifters …

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