Ace Does It Again

     Striking the jugular in a minimum of words is becoming his specialty:

     [O]nly the dishonest attempt to panic other people into making decisions.

     Please read the whole column. Now, Gentle Reader: Which side of the political spectrum has made a specialty of screaming that “There’s no time to waste!” and “We’ve got to act now!” Given what has followed from their many “crises,” can you think of a single reason to grant them the smallest shred of credibility?

     Americans’ ears and psyches are becoming numb to the Left’s crisis-shouting. That’s only to be expected…but I shiver to think what it might mean should a genuine crisis arise that really does demand something like immediate action.

Karma Bites Another Woke A$$

This time, Bruce Springsteen.

Doesn’t he know that driving recklessly offends Mother Gaia?

The Rubin Report

I’ve been watching his stuff, and he is really good. Not over the top, just what we from the middle of the country call – “Midwest Normal”.

You know – typical Deplorables.

And the Rubin Report is only 1/2 an hour, so – doesn’t take up too much of the day.

Other videos you will want to put on your ‘must-see’ list:

Ronald Reagan on Johnny Carson, discussing the budget, among other things.

Kurt Russell on Gun Control – amazingly, for a Hollywood actor, he’s remarkably sensible.

Not Important, Just Funny

Religion and Realism in Fiction

     There’s “religious fiction,” of course. Everyone is aware of the “Left Behind” series, which despite its many flaws was widely read and applauded. We also have the works of writers such as C. S. Lewis, Taylor Caldwell, Frank Peretti, Ted Dekker, Karen Kingsbury, and others. Their novels are explicitly religious, almost polemic about the faiths they uphold and promote. Their readers tend to be equally religious and passionate about it.

     There’s also completely secular fiction, in which religion has no place whatsoever. Innumerable novelists write this sort of tale. Their characters are never depicted in a church or temple, in prayer, or in worship of any other form. While some of their readers might be as religious as the devotees of the writers in the previous paragraph, surely they’re not there for a religious message, as there won’t be any.

     Tales that fall between those two poles – i.e., stories whose characters do allow religion a place in their lives, though it doesn’t utterly dominate the tale being told – are exceedingly rare in contemporary fiction. When we consider that most Americans do have a religion of some kind and do give it some portion of their daily or weekly attention, the paucity of such stories seems rather strange.

     If Americans are largely believers of some kind, wouldn’t fiction that allows religion a place be more realistic than either the religion-dominant narratives or the utterly secular, religion-never-mentioned variety? It seems logical – which might be the first hint of an explanation for the scarcity of such tales.

     The first demand of the reader of fiction is for entertainment. Religious settings and practices are almost antithetical to entertainment. Alongside that, the typical reader doesn’t pick up a novel to read about himself or his own life. He has at least some desire to escape: to depart from the “real” world he inhabits and to spend some time in another. So the omission of certain aspects of “real life” might be an asset to the storyteller.

     All the same, there’s something not quite right about the total absence of religious ideas and practices from fiction other than the explicitly polemic sort. After all, religion is one of the most important of the forces that have shaped human history. Depicting crises in the lives of persons who sincerely hold to a recognized religious faith, and showing how their faiths can assist or impede them in coping with those crises, is one of my major reasons for writing. As I have a hard time naming another writer who does so, it can make me feel rather alone.

     Just now I’m reading a first-contact novel, Revelations by Robert Sells, in which the religious convictions of certain participants play a significant role. I’m not yet ready to recommend it, but we shall see. At least it includes persons with religious convictions that matter to them enough to act upon them. They don’t just sit around fingering their rosaries. And in this Sells’s tale strikes me as more realistic than not, despite its science-fictional premises.

Just Catching Up on the News

I’ve been under some time pressure. Yesterday was the start of a virtual course for a local organization, and it took a certain amount of time to prepare for it. With that first class done, I can better target the plans for the next 3 weeks. It should be easier from now on.

I also have been chipping away at CEUs for insurance license renewal. I need to finish over the next month, so I can renew without a problem. Again, somewhat time-consuming, but not that difficult.

Which leaves my upcoming PT appointments; I see the Ortho guy today, to get the referral, then tomorrow start the grind. I’ve done this for a few other injuries in the past. It’s not difficult, but it does take regular adherence to the program.

However, at the end of this cycle, I should be stronger and better able to work on further fitness goals.

With all that on my plate, it’s no surprise that I’ve pretty much ignored current events. Failure to shut down the impeachment trial was a slam-dunk for the Dems/Dems-Lite (otherwise known as RINOs). It says something about the current state of the GOP when the best pushback against this extra-legal action is from Rand Paul, a Libertarian. You might THINK that the GOP would see supporting the President, and Constitutional protections, as critical.

You would be wrong. The GOP politicians and administrators of the party structure see Trump and his supporters as a barrier to their function, not a benefit.

The first thing to do after the trial – no matter how it turns out, is to get involved at the local level in politics. Know who the influential people are, and start networking with those who want to get these RINOs OUT. It makes no sense to say, well, at least the GOP controls that vote, if the vote is a Dem-Lite one.

You might want to read this essay in The Tablet – it identifies the entangled entities that lay behind the Push-Trump-Movement. I hate to say it, as it almost sound conspiratorial, but we have to uproot the Elite that stand to gain from the impoverishment and political strangulation of The Normals. That means, if someone is working ‘with’ – really, FOR, China, they need to be exposed, de-fanged, and kept from exercising their influence for a foreign power.

Sign me up!!

Too Important Not To Publicize

     “When a man shows you who he is, believe him.” – Maya Angelou

     Here is Massachusetts’ Undersecretary for Climate Change David Ismay, showing you exactly who and what he is: a totalitarian who would rather that we freeze to death, and sacrifice forever the power to go where we please, when we please, than admit that his “climate change” horseshit is…well…horseshit:

     I’ve downloaded the video, in case YouTube decides to delete it.

     Ismay and his ilk are aspiring tyrants who want complete control over every aspect of your life. Never, ever imagine otherwise.


It’s back! And bigger than ever!

What must I do to be free of it?

The Sacrament Of The Hour

     For a long time, I’ve referred to abortion as “the sacrament of the Left.” Having an abortion, or having had one in the past, is one of the ways a woman establishes her bona fides as a trustworthy (?) leftist. (Men who are responsible for pregnancies terminated via abortion receive a “derived” form of credibility…as long as they never, ever say anything negative about “her” decision.) A woman who’s never had one is regarded far more warily by her leftist acquaintances. A woman who’s at all dubious about “a woman’s right to choose” is viewed as a vampire would view crucifixes and holy water.

     But there’s a problem before the Left. The percent of abortions being sought by older women is increasing, while the percent sought by younger women, including the unmarried, is declining. It seems that the decline American reproductive rates and the declines in premarital and extramarital sex are putting something of a squeeze on the Left’s recruiting. The future isn’t looking too bright.

     So a new sacrament is needed. And mirabile dictu! One has arisen just in the nick of time: Vaccination against the Wuhan Virus!

     We’ve spoken of the masking mania as virtue signaling, and it surely is. It’s well established that except for respirator masks that virtually no one is wearing, masking does nothing to impede the transmission of the Chinese Lung Rot virus or any other. But while wearing a mask does nothing to slow the spread of the Kung Flu, it signals that you care. You’re being socially responsible. Those you encounter can count on you to “come through” when it matters.

     Still, a great many people are getting very tired of masking. Increasing numbers of Americans are refusing to go along with the “mandates.” Ever more states and localities are separating themselves from the masking mania and declaring the whole thing a matter of individual choice…which it should have been from the start. So the virtue-signalers and loyalty assessors clearly need something new, and the vaccines have come along at just the right moment.

     So the Left will obviously regard an article like this one as a dagger to the heart. Wherever it appears, it will be condemned as the vilest sort of pro-illness slime. Thou shalt not denigrate our Sacrament! Legislators will be approached about what might be done to “limit its reach.” I’d be entirely unsurprised were YouTwitFace – that’s the YouTube / Twitter / Facebook conglomerate – to refuse to allow it to appear on their “platforms.” There may even be attempts to sue the author for libel. (Of whom? Don’t bother us with details, quibbler; we’re The Anointed and we make the rules here.)

     Spread it around, Gentle Readers. Please spread it around. Remember that the “medical establishment” condemned attempts to use hydroxychloroquine, zithromax, and ivermectin as anti-WuFlu treatments…and now the studies that refute their condemnations are multiplying like toadstools.

     We who blog may be the last defenses against the flood of disinformation by which the Left hopes to subjugate the country. Don’t let them get away with it. Hold your head high.

The 2nd Trial Will NOT be a Slam-Dunk

I remember reading F. Lee Bailey’s memoir (before he got old), and one of the first things he had to tell a guy – who’d quickly WON on a trial just a short time before – that the 2nd trial was NOT likely to favor him.

He pointed out that, during the 2nd trial, he would be facing people who truly believed that “he got away with it the first time, but this time he won’t be as lucky”. So, that’s an issue.

Also, the Dems have lumped together multiple charges (a practice that many DA’s do as a regular course of action). The thing is, when multiple charges are brought, the pro-not guilty crowd puts all their effort into winning on the big charges. In order to “give those voting for conviction something”, the jury often finds those guys guilty on a lesser charge.

Trump’s gotta beat ALL of the charges – and, given the squishiness of the Sorta-GOP, that’s looking less likely every day.

So, just don’t be surprised at any outcome.

Where it All Started Falling Apart

This guy thinks that Sidney Powell is generally competent – and, she MAY be, although she didn’t appear to have her stuff together at her last few appearances. However, much of that could be explained by the information in this post, and the others that follow it.

Trump has faults, along with his virtues. One of his biggest is that he tends to keep those people close who have come through for him in the past, no matter how they are performing at present.

One such is Rudy Giuliani. Whatever his reputation in the past, he is past his sell-by date. And, if this guy’s information is to be relied upon, Rudy has developed a big drinking problem since his Glory Days.

Like I said, I really cannot vouch for the accuracy of this – but, given what I’ve seen so far, it rings true.

Trump needs an organizer around him, someone who can prioritize, crack the whip as needed, and have a clear picture of what needs to be done. Trump is out of his competency area at dealing with the Deep State – he’s generally run lean & mean companies, with minimal people at the executive level, and those tended to be home-grown, in his organization. Most others are sub-contractors, or temporary hires.

I’m not sure what skill set is needed for destruction of the Deep State, but I’m pretty sure that it needs to START with wholesale downsizing of departments, other than the core. People in other parts of the Executive Branch have to have a complete hiring freeze for at least 2 years after the purge starts, to keep the leeches from slithering into other parts of government, later to surface and destroy.

I wouldn’t volunteer for that job of dynamiting the crew out. I wouldn’t know how to circumvent the tenacious Leftists who would use every tactic at their disposal to keep sucking at the public tit.

So, what CAN be done?

Use the state powers of regulatory nullification, obstruction, and keeping the scoundrels out of the states. We have pretty good control at the state level already. Step up the level of non-cooperation with the Federal forces – particularly the regulatory – and begin the process of starvation of the Federal government.

Pearls of expression.

Because my grandmother was not a pleasant woman. Cold, vain, cheap, fussy and tactless, far fonder of her friends — of which she had, to me, a shockingly high number; my mother regularly mused about selling tickets to her funeral — than her own family. To whom she could be, frankly, a bitch.

~ Kathy Shaidle quoted in “Kathy’s World.” By Mark Steyn, Steyn Online, 1/9/21.

Don’t Get TOO Excited

Many of the NLDs are seeing the Chief Justice, John Roberts, declining to preside over the 2nd attempt to Get Rid of Trump, 4Evah, as an indication that the Justice recognizes the legislative lack of standing to try a FORMER President in an Impeachment Trial.

That brings to mind TWO possible answers to the persecution:

  • If the Senate tries Trump, they are implicitly admitting that HE is the current President, or,
  • They have no right to try a Former President.

I doubt it will even slow the runaway train that this extra-judicial idiocy is. The Left has NEVER let a lack of consistency or logic stop them from any of their escapades.

What I see is a far more dangerous maneuver:

It keeps Roberts from any involvement in the process, and leaves him free to put himself right in the middle of any lawsuits that hit hit Court. If he HAD participated, it would have given Trump reason to challenge his voting on a matter in which he was involved.

Never discount the perfidy of Weasels.

Marginalia 2021-02-08

1. Missings.

     Just about the only way to know how important something, or some activity, really is to you is to go without it for awhile.

     The C.S.O. and I were once pro-football addicts. Sunday during the NFL season, we would watch at least two, and more often than not three games. It hardly mattered who was playing. But several years ago, when the kneeling-during-the-anthem BS started, we decided we would forgo it. Neither of us would tolerate disrespect toward the country that had made those players wealthy and famous. I expected that we’d miss it. I was wrong.

     When the Wuhan Virus Panic overtook the country and shut down the other two sports we followed – Yankee baseball and New York Rangers hockey – we had to adjust to their absence as well…and wonder of wonders, that proved no more stressful than forsaking pro football. Shortly after that, as those three things were our only reasons for subscribing to cable television, we “cut the cord.” The savings have been nice, but even nicer is the increment to our time to do other, more productive or pleasurable things.

     The Chinese Coronavirus scare has been horribly destructive to American life – it’s cost us a stolen national election, among other things – but as you can see from the above, it’s also been an education of sorts. I wonder what else we’ve learned from it?

2. Politics Uber Alles.

     No doubt you’ve read about this little morality play already:

     Oh, heck no. The Trumpites next door to our pandemic getaway, who seem as devoted to the ex-president as you can get without being Q fans, just plowed our driveway without being asked and did a great job.

     How am I going to resist demands for unity in the face of this act of aggressive niceness?

     Of course, on some level, I realize I owe them thanks — and, man, it really looks like the guy back-dragged the driveway like a pro — but how much thanks?

     These neighbors are staunch partisans of blue lives, and there aren’t a lot of anything other than white lives in neighborhood.

     Miriam Weaver notes:

     [Virginia Heffernan] goes on to suggest, and I’m not making this up, that the kind act of her neighbors is comparable to Hezbollah caring for its elderly and sick population in Lebanon – as a way to gain loyalty….

     Amazingly, Virginia ends her piece with an almost incomprehensible amount of arrogance. She says she can’t offer her neighbors absolution for their support of Trump, but she can offer an invitation for her neighbors to “recognize the truth about the Trump administration” and “work for justice for all those whom the administration harmed.” Because, as she insists, “Only when we work shoulder to shoulder to repair the damage of the last four years will we even begin to dig out of this storm.”

     These…persons, for whom political affiliations and policy differences are cause enough to hate, are the reason for the polarization of the American people. Never, ever believe for a moment that their spokesvermin’s calls for “unity” are anything except a coded demand that we in the Right cease to oppose and resist them.

3. Weaponized Hypochondria.

     I wish I could justify driving to Virginia and buying a car from Eric Peters:

     I went to the live – and let live – store described in my most recent Diaper Report ( see here ) where “masking” isn’t asked about, much less insisted upon, with a friend of mine. We rode in her car, together – Undiapered – neither of us being sick nor afraid of sickness the other hasn’t got.

     We went to this store and enjoyed the company – as well as the sight – of other Undiapered folks, people not turned into quivering hypochondriacs living in panicked dread of sickness and afflicted by the belief that the wearing of a rag over their portals will prevent them from getting a sickness others haven’t got and so can’t give them….

     Later, I got a call from this friend who told me her daughter would not come over for dinner that evening as planned – having learned her mother rode in a car with an Undiapered, Undiapered.

     This friend-of-mine’s daughter – who is a grown woman – was absolutely mortified that her mother would take such a risk as to be in a car with me and in a store with others like me. And like herself as well, since she also doesn’t Diaper.

     The daughter, you see, is a Weaponized Hypochondriac: made so by a campaign of fear porn that’s aimed at destroying American social cohesion and interpersonal trust.

     Please read the whole thing, and reflect on the deeper agenda of those who would frighten us out of our families, friends, and faces.

4. Too Much Data, or Not Enough?

     Several statisticians have presented compelling cases that the 2020 presidential election was stolen. As their cases are probability-based, those who insist on believing otherwise simply dismiss them.

     Several analysts of American electoral results have noted deviations from previous patterns that aren’t “merely” unprecedented, but are so radical as to be all but impossible. But “all but impossible” isn’t quite the same as “impossible, so once again, those who insist on believing otherwise simply dismiss them.

     Many affidavits about underhandedness by election officials have been sworn under oath, all to the effect that systematic cheating occurred in the last six states to file their results. Others have reported on truckloads of ballots being imported across state lines, and voting machines that underweighted votes for Trump and overweighted votes for Biden, or simply transferred Trump votes to Biden. Yet again, those who insist on believing otherwise simply say “they’re lying,” and dismiss them.

     The presidency was stolen. The mountains of evidence and testimony are well beyond conclusive. But really, all you need to know to reach that conclusion is this:

     One candidate hardly campaigned at all. The other was on the stump almost continuously, at dozens of rallies attended by tens of thousands. The former is a mentally deficient corruptocrat barely capable of getting all the way through a sentence without lapsing into gibberish, yet the mainstream media worked tirelessly to suppress all discussion of his many low dealings and those of his family. The latter, whom the media hated and defamed at every opportunity, was the most effective president since Grover Cleveland.

     The rest, as they say, is an exercise for the reader.

5. A Pre-Announcement.

     From 12:00 AM (PST) Saturday February 20 through Monday February 22, my most recent novel will be free of charge at Amazon:

     Gail was a has-been singer from a forgotten band, surviving by performing for small crowds in coffee houses and bars, near to giving up on everything.

     Evan was a venture capitalist, widowed by cancer and robbed of his only child by a car crash, who kept going on momentum alone.

     They were going through the motions, barely clinging to life, until one Friday evening in a central New York bar, when a faint and a spontaneous rescue brought them together.

     Then the music really started.

     Get it while it’s free – and if you enjoy it, please, PLEASE review it!

Once Again, The Culprit is Bacteria!

Crohn’s Disease, a debilitating digestive disease, has been found to be associated with a strain of E. Coli that is unusually good at adhering to the gut walls, and causing inflammation. Not surprisingly, the research will be looking at ways of interrupting the bacteria’s life cycle, in an effort to heal the gut.

So, following other similar discoveries (ulcers and many of the autoimmune diseases), medical researchers have determined that:

  • Gut health – that is, the population of a digestive with GOOD bacteria – is critical to a well-functioning body.
  • Many diseases are caused by changes in the organisms that co-exist with humans. That is, either the organism has mutated into a harmful version, or the relative populations have shifted away from the healthy ‘bugs’.
  • Good health means maintaining a BALANCE in the co-existing organisms.

So, why are so many organisms – harmful to humans – getting a foothold in our populations?

I would be very surprised if the big precursors weren’t

  • Artificial sweeteners – Equal, sucralose, Stevia, and all of the other non-nutritive additions to many people’s diets. Many of them are not mentioned, except in the fine print at the grocery store. Restaurants don’t even list them on the menu. They are added to many other products – chewing gum, cough syrup, and candies, for example.
  • High-Fructose Corn Syrup. By adding so much readily-available food to the micro-organisms diet, the bacteria explode into reproduction. Fighting other organisms for survival, it would be a short step to carving out a niche to improve survival odds – such as sticking more easily to the gut, and therefore surviving longer, to increase offspring.
  • Other drugs that alter the digestive system – any TV ad for the next miracle drug is filled with warnings about the side effects – which can includes digestive problems (and, usually, death – I always love that one – “Get your mild symptoms completely cured! Only a very few of you will DIE!”). I’m not trying to diss those who have a serious disease or condition – sometimes, meds ARE the answer. But, long-term use of medications almost always involves a trade-off – sometimes side effects, sometimes creating another problem that has to be treated with medications. If the initial disease is painful enough, or life-threatening, then the trade-off may be worth it. Just keep in mind, TANSTAAFL.

Stock markets with no foundation in reality.

And now for a glimpse of America’s investment world:

We’ve, thus, [reached the] market’s end time I said we would soon reach if stocks continued to rise above such basic fundamentals [sic] during the COVID era as sales and revenue. At first corporations and their investors agreed upon tricked-up earnings from fancy accounting to lay in their fantasy flight plans. [Gold star for vagueness here, but now it gets good.] Then they inflated earnings for YEARS by stock buybacks because earnings are quoted “per share,” and buybacks reduce the number of outstanding shares. Finally, the sudden stripping away of corporate taxes in the Trump era made earnings that were again looking weak suddenly look great again, but that wasn’t because business was improving; it was just because the bottom line exploded due to fewer taxes being taken out. So, throughout the past decade earnings were not rising because business (the economy) was thriving but because they were distributed over fewer and fewer shares and calculated by fancier and fancier means.

No one cared. No one cares still.

All that mattered was that the headline numbers kept getting better for years. So, the market soared far above the economy. [Trump loved it. Political leadership nowhere to be found.] Eventually, the Robinhood and Reddit crowd said, “Let’s tear all the tethers loose. Real economics haven’t meant diddly squat to this market for a long time now anyway, so let’s not even pretend to care about earnings, let alone sales and revenue or where the COVIDcrash is taking the world economically. Let’s bet this thing to the moon, regardless of the economic reality we are in.”[1]

And hats off to the Robinhood and Reddit crowd who played by the rules established by Wall Street and our vigilant watchdogs in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) taking care that the United States investment world just could never come to resemble a Bahamanian casino.

Oh, I forgot. While you’re admiring the SEC, don’t forget how the Commerce Department and the State Department looked out for the interests of the American worker when corporate America did grievous damage to our industrial base. And how the Department of Homeland Security safeguarded our borders and sent all those millions of illegals back across the Mexican border. And how the anti-trust warriors in the Department of Justice went after our crippling domestic monopolies like leopard seals after a baby penguin (overheated rhetoric alert!). And how the FBI crucified the AntiFa and Blacks Liberating Merchandise filth burning, looting, and shooting their way across America last year. Plenty of interstate activity THERE, pilgrims! And how the Congress is just merciless when it comes to things like worthless spending projects and nation-killing debt. And how our Ginzu-knife Supreme Court jumped in on electoral theft that’s the envy of Zimbabwe.

God bless the American political class. Doing their utmost to stave off chaos, destruction, and the end of a truly grand experiment in self government.


[1] “DON’T-STOP GAME STOCKS: Bankrupt Companies As Trillion-Dollar Chips in the Wall Street Casino.” By David Haggith, ZeroHedge, 2/6/21.

Edit: “tricked-up earnings from fancy accounting” refers to earnings from “non-GAAP accounting measures.”

The Creeping Pace of Propaganda…

…is accelerating. When will the Official Loyalty Oaths commence?

From the Victory Girls blog.

Some of that – hell, a LOT of that – is driven by fear. Fear that the Progressive March Through the Institutions is not a Sure Thing. Fear that the Left’s hold on the Gears of Power is tenuous. Fear that they might actually have to work for a living again.

And, worst of all, fear that their OWN Conspiracy Theories have a basis in fact. They really DO think that Qanon is about to sweep through the GOP, like a raging infection, and drive them from power.

To believe that, the Left has to be on some serious drugs – or True Believers in their own B$. As most of them are no longer stumbling around in a confused haze (MOST of the time), I’d have to guess that they are dumb enough to be True Believers (hard as it is to think of people quite that stupid in semi-responsible positions).

Do I occasionally dip into the Q Stream? Guilty.

I also read the old Tom Clancy books, and a whole lot of other needs-a-suspension-of-belief-to-be-indulged-in entertainment.

Do I believe in Q’s complicated theories? No.

In real life, people are seldom that prescient, brave, or prepared to die. Given an opportunity, almost all will wimp out and take the solution that lets them live/take a lesser punishment. That’s the guiding principle of the prosecutorial deal system.

All those complicated plans, all those Deep Throat operatives – well, we’ve found them to be laughable, inadequate, and – given almost everyone’s willingness to deal, easily broken.

Unless the judges are first made corrupt.

Second piece of “news” – Time Magazine (gee, I remember when that periodical favored the Right) has come out with an admission that, yes, Big Business DID have its thumb on the scale for Biden-Harris and the Left-But-Not-The-BAD-Kind-of-Left.

As Sarah A. Hoyt says, This is My Surprised Face.

This could be one of the most fertile times for Dissident Literature. Not a lot of money in it, the possibility of being sent to the Gulag is always present, but – OMZ, the Glory!

Similar to being the Official Hated ‘Out’ Party. The Quislings, Wanna-Bes, and Will-Run-Screaming-at-the-First-Opportunity types will be shed. Only those who are willing to stand up in Hard Times will be left.

The Revolution to Restore the Republic cannot be a quick one. It takes a lot of time to get the essential core team honed through battle. If a person is gonna run screaming at the first shot, well, it’s better to know that than to remain ignorant of that fact until the need is critical and the Last Battle is being fought. So, no, I don’t think of the Cowardly GOP’s outing as a bad thing.

We may still use them, for OUR own good. We may put them in fake-influential positions, where they can be cut loose when the need arises. But, they should NEVER AGAIN be admitted to the Inner Circle. They should NEVER AGAIN be trusted with strategy, secrets, or the opportunity to get information that could be leaked. They should be treated with ‘respect’ and permitted to THINK they have our trust. They should be kept ignorant of the identity of any of the core people.

As a strategy, we NLDs (Non-Leftist Dissidents) need to begin looking at who the Core People will be. They should be content to remain in the background, near the officials in power, but not openly identified as such, themselves. In essence, they will be NLD Sleeper Operatives.

This will divide the Core Team into two parts – the Open Supporters, who should be media-savvy and photogenic, and the Sleepers – who need to be crafty, not personally ambitious, and willing to cede History’s adulation to the OS types. Think of Samuel Adams, whose work was core to the Revolution, and yet is best known for the beer named after him. Others were better known; he was the glue that held that fragile alliance together.

Getting back to overarching aims, I was thinking about how history was taught in school when I was young (I graduated in 1969 – no smutty jokes, please). Looking back at the relative importance of movements of the 18th century, as emphasized in the textbooks, I realized that the Progressive Movement was emphasized, rather than the Populist Movement.

I was blessed to have had elderly relations who had some personal knowledge of the events of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, and could explain them in terms of the average person’s life.

If, instead, you depended on the Official Sources for information (such as, you might get the idea that Populism was the tool of vaguely Fascist/Right-Wing/Nefarious politicians, as the linked article suggests. How a site that claims to be dedicated to historical accuracy can ignore the Grange Movement, The People’s Party, and the Greenback Party – all grassroots-driven, popularly supported political initiatives – and instead focus on fringe politicians with popular appeal, is beyond me.

Funnily, these lists of organic uprisings dedicated to the interests of the average person never seem to include those popular-support causes that the Elite are involved in. That would be, because the Elite never get involved in causes that actually favor average people, instead preferring those activities that set Elite privilege in stone, with benefits to be doled out to their supporters in return for their fealty.

Actually caring about the interests of the average person?


Who cares what those pathetic people think?


Before I get suicidal, I’m going to leave you with one last link – this one from Ace of Spades. But, lest you also become miserable in despair, also check out this funny post from Weird Dave at Ace, and keep your hands off the knives in the kitchen.

“Where Do You Get Your Ideas?”

     If you write fiction, it’s inevitable that you’ll be asked the title question. I’ve faced it innumerable times. Typically, it will come after a forlorn announcement by the questioner that “I’d love to write, but I can’t seem to come up with any ideas.” The questionee – that’s you – will be tried to your limits by the effort not to groan.

     There are ideas aplenty out there. A story idea doesn’t have to be perfectly original, as long as it can be presented in a fresh and intriguing (or amusing) way. After all, every story idea must involve people and problems for those people to surmount. For that reason, they’re all similar to one another ab initio.

     If you’re attentive to the trials people suffer in real life, you can snatch a dozen story ideas out of any stroll through an airport waiting lounge, or a bus or railway terminal. Just listen to the exchanges taking place around you. For that matter, listen to your friends and acquaintances, preferably outside their occupational environments. If you’re really listening rather than just waiting for your turn to speak and composing what you intend to say, you’ll get ideas by the bushel.

     What’s that you say? You write in one of the genres? Within some genres, the similarities among stories’ plots can overwhelm everything else about them. How significantly do murder mysteries differ from one another? Or high-medieval fantasies? Or (gulp) urban fantasies about vampires or werewolves? And here’s the Ace kicker: a lot of the readers of those genres stick to them because of the familiarity of their structures and core ideas. They want “more of the same,” rather than something utterly new and challenging.

     There are even ideas to be had from puns. A couple of my novels, and components in others, would not exist if it weren’t for puns that struck me at just the right moment.

     I once had a friend named Stefan, a unique, brilliant fellow who spoke just about every language spoken in Europe, who told me that true mastery of a language occurs when you start to laugh at its puns. I never came near that level of mastery in any of the languages I studied. I’ve yearned for it, vainly, ever since Stefan first described it…but I think it would require actual immersion in the language and its surrounding culture, and that would involve a huge investment of time, among other things.

     What sort of ideas might arise from puns in other tongues? Would they differ greatly from those that occur in English? A source of new, unexplored motifs, perhaps? What if the language in question were Hungarian, which the pro linguists claim bears no discernible relationship to any other known language?

     Say! There’s an idea: a Galactic Federation of races united by an artificial language that’s native to none of them. Admission to the Federation and its attendant benefits requires that the candidate race pass a test: some fraction of its representatives must endure a pun-intensive monologue by some Galactic Johnny Carson figure and laugh / groan at all the right moments. I can just see the examiners shaking their sense-organ clusters over some failed candidacy:

          First examiner: “They just don’t get it.”
          Second examiner: “Maybe you had to be there.”

     I’m certain that with sufficient effort and opportunities for cultural immersion, our brighter linguistic lights could achieve that degree of mastery. (Stefan did, and in about a dozen different tongues, at that.) But would Mankind actually want to be a member of this gang? Or might we declare its members persona non grata throughout the Solar System? The mind reels!

     Go for it, Gentle Readers who are aspiring writers. I’m too busy with other ideas to exploit that one. Write it, and perhaps when you’ve finished it we’ll laugh over it together. Have fun!

The Scary Thing About This…

…is that the Jeffrey Tambour character doesn’t seem all that crazy anymore.

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