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     Many have asked, as America slides down the generously Vaselined slope toward totalitarianism, just “where the tipping point is.” That is: What incursion on Americans’ rights would – or will – provoke actual armed insurrection aimed at reestablishing Constitutionally limited government?

     Time was, the most widely agreed such point was a major incursion against freedom of speech. Well, the Usurpers have successfully subcontracted that – with the bonus that their private-sector partners are also helping to destroy unapproved competitors – and no one has yet taken the musket down from the mantel. So maybe freedom of speech was “over-valued.”

     Another much hyped tipping point was blatantly political prosecutions. Well, we’ve already had a couple of those, including Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the fellow whose YouTube video was deceitfully blamed for the Benghazi attack on American installations there, and more recently Brandon Straka of WalkAway. I just went out on my front porch, and I don’t see the militia forming up. Maybe that one was oversold, as well.

     Then there are our Second Amendment rights. That sounded uber-plausible. After all, disarming us would end our possibility of resistance to tyranny for all time. But hark! What have we here?

     Yes, it’s from the terminally insane Sheila Jackson Lee. No, it’s not law yet. Does it have a chance of passage? Who knows? But if both Houses of Congress pass it – and given the spinelessness of the Republican caucuses, that’s not impossible – the Usurper-in-Chief will sign it. What then, America? Would that be a sufficient tipping point?

     I’m not placing any bets. We’ve become too sheeplike, too reflexively compliant, for me to wager with confidence that any imposition of unwarranted authority would awaken us. Far easier just to change the channel and natter about what the Kardashians have been doing lately.

     Things are, to say the least, not good.


     We are living through a time I never thought I would see. Blatantly stolen elections. Blatantly unConstitutional government. Blatant law-enforcement indifference to Leftists rioting in the streets. Blatant attempts to criminalize dissent from the Usurper agenda. The blatant garrisoning of the nation’s capital. And private citizens have accepted all of it, as if it were of neither present nor future significance. “Emergency! Everybody to get from street!”

     This is not American. If we accept such subjugation, we are not worthy to be called Americans.

     The violent rioters who’ve desecrated our cities should have already faced massed water cannons and fusillades of rubber bullets, at the very least. But upon whom have the attentions of law enforcement fallen? It’s not the people and organizations rioting and looting in the streets of Minneapolis or Portland. Dozens of federal legislators should have already been ejected from Congress for the violation of their oaths to abide by the Constitution of the United States. Yet upon whom are the media pouring their venom? It’s not the Leftists who’ve dismissed all Constitutional constraints, have demanded that President Trump be tried for murder, and have called for “re-education camps” for conservatives and Republican partisans.

     It’s possible that America has passed a point of no return and can no longer be saved. It’s possible that complete subjugation is our future. But it’s also possible that we could reverse our current course with sufficiently forthright action. Is any such action forthcoming? That’s the question of the hour…and at the moment, the answer seems to be negative.

     Many Americans are in denial. But covering your eyes as a carnivore advances on you won’t spare you from his claws and teeth. Many others are focused narrowly upon protecting themselves, their loved ones, and their own interests. Martin Niemoller could tell them a few things. So could Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

     The time to act is now…if it hasn’t passed by already.


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    • JAR on January 29, 2021 at 10:41 AM


    Do you remember the last flu scare? I was still working and everyone was instructed to use hand sanitizer, so the company I worked for went to considerable expense to purchase that and put it out by the time clock and other places where people might interact. Should have said “wash your hands”.

    Before that was the Boston Marathon bombing. Shut down the city because there was ONE terrorist on the loose. People complied.

    We have been groomed. Our forefathers would have said “Give me liberty or give me death.”( Oh wait, They did.) The deep state tested us and found out we aren’t going to challenge them. We will comply.

    • brinster (aka SWVAguy) on January 29, 2021 at 12:35 PM

    I’ll never understand how the senile bastard in the White House got to be elected, without the pockets of fraud.  He campaigned in front of hundreds.  Trump campaigned in front of tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands in more than one case.  Trump caravans, Trump armadas, with one caravan in Arizona being NINTEY SIX miles long.  A Latino for Trump caravan in South Florida with THIRTY THOUSAND VEHICLES. Beam me up Scottie.  Since I’m a candidate for reeducation or electroshock therapy, I guess I should shut up, lay down and take it. Like hell I will.

    • Guy S on January 29, 2021 at 1:24 PM

    Used to wonder what it would take as well.   Thought there might be enough spine in our elected (supposed  conservative) elected officials, and at least some of the media (print, tv, or radio) to hold Obama to the fire both his ineligibility to hold office as well as his “high crimes and misdemeanors”).  Sadly, this country can not even agree that “Natural Born Citizen”, is in fact, not the same thing as “Native Born” (though it IS a sub set of same).

    Incrementalism as practiced by the left, has over the decades, worked surprisingly  well for them.   Chip a little at the 2nd amendment (it’s for the children!!!), that’s ok as long as we still get to hunt and (at least in some states) protect our families and business.

    Pick away at your “right” to own a business and run it as you see fit.  Sure go right ahead, oh……by the way … you can no longer have folks smoke in your bar or restaurant (it’s for the children….and grandma!!).   You can not restrict entrance to your establishment on the grounds of race (Personally I think we should be INDIVIDUALLY against, your character should be what prohibits, or allows you to enter an establishment, or continue to stay inside.  If you are foolish enough to restrict purely on race/ethnicity, then let the free market dictate how long you will continue to stay in business).

    This country has been slouching towards Babylon since Lincoln.  His changing of “THESE United States” to THE United States”, amongst other things, was perhaps the start.  Fifty some-odd years later, Wilson did his part. As did his wife, the first woman president (students of history will know what I mean by this)  Lincolns transgressions were by a stroke of the pen, Mrs. Wilson’s were just by “a stroke”.  Some 30 years later and FDR really got the ball rolling. Some 20 years later LBJ.  Carter, Clinton, and Obama were adding finishing touches, and Biden (or perhaps Harris, if  Gropen Joe succumbs to “something” in about 2 years) will be the one to pull the plug on our Representative Republic.

    I have rambled on far too long.

    But I pose this question to you Fran, and your esteemed colleagues.  Who out there is going to lead the charge(s) in restoring this country to at least  something approaching it’s former glory?   There was a mass of talent back in 1776  in both military, political, and statescraft.   to quote “1776”;  “Is anybody there?  Does anybody care? Does anybody see what I see?”


    Add to this the political folks on the right tend to play by the rules (or at least used to) and would, if found to be guilty of some level of shenanigan, quickly resign from their post and head off to the sunset.



    • cecil on January 29, 2021 at 3:48 PM


    Nice to see you up and running at this new Blog.



    However just wanted to mention that the layout and background do make it a lot harder to read the blog and navigate than before.


    Its definitely more difficult

  1. I suspect rebellion of some kind is what the wannabe overlords are hoping for, allowing them to institute martial law and trumped up charges of sedition for any social media posts that might to a dog (leftist) be heard as a dog whistle to violence against the State.

    At that point it could well become a game of chicken between those who perceive their power to be invincible  and those who would start diminishing their numbers little by little, until they were afraid to leave their guarded homes.

    My imagination can see different scenarios, but the most likely one is the leftist elites finding their positions untenable, resigning, and hoping to escape revenge.



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