Here we go again.

Insert F bomb after “Here we.”

[Secretary of State nominee Antony] Blinken displayed his hubris a few minutes later when he said, “The door should remain open” for Georgia to join NATO under the justification of curbing Russian aggression.

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Blinken’s framing of the issue exposes his disingenuous approach. Russian aggression is a term used by Washington insiders to describe a Russian reaction to western aggression. Blinken knows that the 2008 war between Russia and Georgia was not Russian aggression, he calls it that because it suits his agenda and the American press is dependably ignorant enough to not ask questions.

In the 2008 war, Georgia was the aggressor against the South Ossetians . . . .[1]

This is an excellent article. The real money quote from it is:

War should be the last resort to defending America’s people and it’s homeland from foreign invasion; it should not be the last resort to enforcing America’s utopian vision on the world . . . .[2]

That utopian vision is what winds me up on any day of the week between Monday and Sunday. Can’t we just have a foreign policy run by people like Wally in “My Dinner with Andre“? (Link to full movie.) He was majorly into a simple, uncomplicated life where just a cup of coffee in the morning was something to be savored.

It’s a great movie let it be said. The contrast between the two characters is delicious to anyone who happens to have noticed the yawning gulf between our Beautiful People and the rest of us peasants. Years ago when I first watched it the movie was merely a delightful personality study contrasting dreamy stupidity and intelligent pragmatism. Now dreamy stupidity governs the whole shootin’ match.

[1] “Former Navy SEAL: The Miseducation Of Antony Blinken.” By Kenny MacDonald, ZeroHedge, 1/29/21 (emphasis removed).
[2] Id.