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I’ve been under some time pressure. Yesterday was the start of a virtual course for a local organization, and it took a certain amount of time to prepare for it. With that first class done, I can better target the plans for the next 3 weeks. It should be easier from now on.

I also have been chipping away at CEUs for insurance license renewal. I need to finish over the next month, so I can renew without a problem. Again, somewhat time-consuming, but not that difficult.

Which leaves my upcoming PT appointments; I see the Ortho guy today, to get the referral, then tomorrow start the grind. I’ve done this for a few other injuries in the past. It’s not difficult, but it does take regular adherence to the program.

However, at the end of this cycle, I should be stronger and better able to work on further fitness goals.

With all that on my plate, it’s no surprise that I’ve pretty much ignored current events. Failure to shut down the impeachment trial was a slam-dunk for the Dems/Dems-Lite (otherwise known as RINOs). It says something about the current state of the GOP when the best pushback against this extra-legal action is from Rand Paul, a Libertarian. You might THINK that the GOP would see supporting the President, and Constitutional protections, as critical.

You would be wrong. The GOP politicians and administrators of the party structure see Trump and his supporters as a barrier to their function, not a benefit.

The first thing to do after the trial – no matter how it turns out, is to get involved at the local level in politics. Know who the influential people are, and start networking with those who want to get these RINOs OUT. It makes no sense to say, well, at least the GOP controls that vote, if the vote is a Dem-Lite one.

You might want to read this essay in The Tablet – it identifies the entangled entities that lay behind the Push-Trump-Movement. I hate to say it, as it almost sound conspiratorial, but we have to uproot the Elite that stand to gain from the impoverishment and political strangulation of The Normals. That means, if someone is working ‘with’ – really, FOR, China, they need to be exposed, de-fanged, and kept from exercising their influence for a foreign power.

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