Serious Stuff, Now

Now that the Clown Impeachment is over, it’s time to focus on the proposed misdeeds of the House, Senate, and Deep State regulators and administrators.

Such as this plan to put the Reigning Deep State (RDS) in charge of everything, forever.

But, wait, there’s MORE! That doesn’t even cover a small portion of the awfulness of the bill – HR 1 – that aims to wipe out opposition to the Left’s dominance for all time.

And, by dominance, I mean complete inability to offer even a token resistance without incurring severe penalties.

Here’s the List of Need-To-Be-Primaried-GOP. It should be made clear to the GOP leadership in those states, that, should the ‘insurgent’ opponent NOT receive the nod for the ballot, voters will organize to elect the Dem in that state.

Better an Open Enemy, than a Cowardly Traitor.

For that matter, don’t wait until the next election – ‘encourage’ them to resign – SOON!

February 15, 2021

I started this yesterday, but got lazy and decided to keep it over another day. That’s the beauty of being a self-employed blogger – I decide when to hit the Publish Button.

And, that’s my answer to this man, who talks about how the NYT silences divergent voices (which they do, but who cares). He was a blogger – a successful one – who shut down his online writing. He blames the NYT.

I don’t. I blame his FEAR. He FEARED the feedback that would be driven by NYT labeling his writing as “WrongThink”. As thought all that many people actually READ the “Old Gray Lady” anymore. Come on! They’re a joke.

Except in that small circle of ‘Officially Smart’ people, whose opinion Rinehart, like so many others who live in those rarified places, desperately crave. They, not their readers, give the NYT and all of that Legacy Media its power.

That’s what Trump tapped into when he swerved to posting his thoughts on Twitter. Most of the country – outside of that Elite, Privileged Group – gets its news from:

  • Facebook posts (the link is generally there, but – I have to be honest – most people don’t go much further than scanning the headline and a few sentences).
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • TikTok (and, given the time constraints, the point better be made quickly)
  • Network talk shows/’newslike’ shows, like Today, Fox Rising, and the local news – which all have occasional snippets of actual breaking news sandwiched within a large portion of filling – gossip, sports, and ‘human interest’ stories
  • Conversations with friends and family
  • Text messages
  • Virtual meetings with family
  • Church sermons
  • And, for a small but steady group – blogs

He tapped into that ability to bypass the Traditional News Media, and catapulted to the Presidency.

Don’t discount that advantage. The Dems did not, and were driven to working with the Tech donors to shut down all access to non-approved people on mutiple channels. For heaven’s sake, they had to mobilize MasterCard and other payment processors to refuse service to the NLDs (Non-Leftist Dissidents), lest they use that alternative access to the public to both get their message out, and to support themselves in the process.

I agree with Ornery Dragon – you CAN call it censorship, even if the entity doing it is not government, but private companies.

So, follow the advice of one of the most influential men of the 20th century.