Need Something To Read…

     …but haven’t got any spare cash? It’s a sad problem, one I’ve suffered in the past. Back then, I did a lot of rereading, which was made possible by my habit of never, ever parting with a book. But today there’s a superior alternative.

     The Baen Free Library is exactly that: books Baen Books has published – mostly a few years back – that it will allow anyone to download at no charge! Novels from several of fantasy’s and science fiction’s best known luminaries are included in the Free Library. I’ve enjoyed many of them.

     Here are a few names prominent in the Free Library:

  • Larry Correia
  • David Drake
  • Tom Kratman
  • Sharon Lee / Steve Miller
  • Andre Norton
  • John Ringo
  • Marc Stiegler
  • David Weber
  • Michael Z. Williamson
  • Timothy Zahn

     We’re talking heavy hitters here. These aren’t no-name nobodies desperate for a little exposure. They’re major talents who allow Baen to distribute several of their best known, best loved works for free.

     I mean, yeah: you could kick back with a nice fluffy romance novel, if that’s to your taste. But if you want action…if you want adventure…if you want whole planets, nay whole galaxies mired in unspeakable crises, hit the Baen Free Library.

     Tell ‘em Fran sent you. No, you won’t get anything extra that way, but tell ‘em anyway. I can use the exposure.

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  1. May I also recommend installing the Chrome/Brave extension – Library Extension? Once you set it up with your preferred library information, it searches whenever you look at an Amazon book, and tells you if it is available – in any format – for FREE.

    Highly useful. I still buy books, of course, but it does allow you to benefit from the digital library offerings.

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