A Jewel From A Cesspool

     Once in a great while, even that festering stew of hatred-soaked Leftists we call Twitter will yield up a gem:

     I could not have put it better. The Left, after all, was the source and bastion of racism during the Jim Crow years that followed emancipation. A Leftist’s natural inclination is toward force, fraud, and intimidation; those are the techniques that have historically served the Left. So transitioning from openly racist bullying to ersatz “anti-racist” bullying – in truth, just as racist as the Left’s previous posture – came quite naturally.

     Sun Tzu told us how important it is to know our enemies. Draw the moral.


  1. For those waiting for ‘The Perfect’ – you, first.
    Life is messy. It’s a lot of ‘doing the best you can at the time’. It’s filled with regrets for things that didn’t work out as intended.
    The way to handle all that – forgive yourself for your imperfection. It’s just another sign that you’re not ready for Heaven, yet.

  2. Amen, Linda.  It seems like a lot of things in my life can be filed under “Seemed like a good idea at the time.” 
    We as a nation are making a huge mistake in seeking to root out people’s imperfections and faults.  It’s an absolute obsession on the left.  Whereas, we all have an interest in practicing forgiveness and forbearance.  “He who is without sin cast the first stone” goes a long way in instructing us how to live.  
    Too, it’s a simple joy to appreciate the delightful personalities some have, some witticism you read, an act of kindness you see or experience, or something useful or creative that you run across.  Or, cough, to appreciate what the ancestors did or built.  
    Manifestly, emphasizing group virtue or depravity is for losers as you can’t select for promotion or condemnation simply because they belong to a group like “we” or “they.”  That works to punish “them” but pretty soon it gets dicey when it comes for “we” to divvy up the spoils and then it’s a cat fight and anything but a simple inquiry, “What you go?”  The whole structural racism/white privilege nonsense is the steroid-fueled desire to avoid having that be the number one question.  “What you got, Shaniqua?”
    The “anything but that and preferably something juvenile, profane, weak, bizarre, perverse, violent, or idiotic” alternative is guaranteed to have a bad ending.  Call it the “Jane, you ignorant slut” approach to human relations.  No society can live like this.  Theft (election), abuse (Nazi, racist, white supremacist, sexist), cowardice (Supreme Court), abdication (Supreme Court), femininization (scraggle beards, soy boys), thuggery (AntiFa, BLM, Capitol Police), minority/foreigner worship, and dishonesty (MSM, FBI, DOJ) can’t last long.

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