The cherry on top.

It’s hard to admit but the pinnacle of Western civilization turns out to be a state of collective stupefaction and precipitous flight from reality. The civilization that studied the galaxies and the basic structure of matter in the end could not rise above the politics of crack whores, con artists, and pickpockets. We prided ourselves on putting superstition and magic behind us but ended up embracing fairy tales about reality with a vengeance.

The basic principles of economics seem to indicate that financial collapse grimly waits on America’s doorstep, and most of Europe’s as well. The gigantic debt load, rampant inflation, empty banks and unchecked counterfeiting all reveal a culture that is blind to its own weaknesses and now resorts to grasping at gimmicks for an easy fix.

The astounding part for me is the gullibility of Americans, and most advanced societies, to accept the illusion that an inbred clique of financial, political and corporate royalty can master the ability to speak wealth into existence by simply writing the words “this is money” (or something similar) on a piece of paper or a digital token. Continuing in that belief system, we now accept as an article of faith that ritual chanting about “stimulus” and “benefits” and “security” will save us from a day of reckoning.[1]

As a beloved friend once observed of certain people, “They don’t have the sense that the Lord gave a duck.” Not only is there a flight from reality but there is also a vicious attack on any who still have not abandoned common sense. There will be no dissent from suicide.

[1] “Financial False Hope, Part 2: Monetary Monotheism.” By Steve Penfield, ZeroHedge, 3/2/21 (emphasis removed).


    • Bill Johnson on March 6, 2021 at 8:56 AM

    “They don’t have the sense that the Lord gave a duck” or my Dad’s corollary: “He’s got more dollars than sense.”

  1. An observant man!

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