Not Making This Up Dept.

As values-based democracies, NATO allies and partners have been at the forefront of the global women’s rights movement. And as an alliance, NATO plays an important role in advancing equity within foreign policy. When NATO foreign ministers meet later in March, they should take the natural next steps toward adopting a feminist foreign policy (FFP).[1]

With its very own acronym too.

Our living in “values-based democracies” and like that, I’d like to know what values those are precisely. Empirical evidence indicates quite strongly that the U.S. is into electoral fraud, suppression of free speech, unhindered rioting, looting, arson, and murder, judicial abdication and fantasy, contempt for the Constitution, media monopoly, importation of foreign enemies and parasites, industrial destruction, urban destruction, worship of minorities, official hostility toward the majority white population, manufactured hostility to police, delusional social attitudes, hysteria about “climate,” destruction of the family, worship of homosexuality, impoverishment of wage-earning people, economic lunacy, and pointless, ruinous, unconstitutional foreign wars.

And when the Atlantic Council is through providing insight into the values that underpin all this perhaps it can tell us all about the rules-based international order (RBIO). I can’t wait.

[1] “Why NATO should adopt a feminist foreign policy.” New Atlanticist (?) by Gabriela R. A. Doyle, Madeline Olden, Leah Sheunemann, and Christopher Skaluba, Atlantic Council, 3/9/21.