Tough Day Personally

I just came back from a trip to the Ortho guy – had a knee injection with a gel substance (the needle is HUGE!). Naturally, I was actually hobbling worse when I left, than when I entered. Nonetheless, in another day or two, I will be experiencing the benefits of a more fluid motion in the joint. So, although painful, worth it.

Not so with the increasing pain I’m feeling in my right foot. In addition to some joint stiffness and swelling in the ball of the foot (site of the affected joint), I’m also finding it quite painful to place any weight at all on my right foot, due to painful toes (other than the Pig that went to the Market). On top of just general stiffness and soreness from driving around 10 hours (there and back) for a COVID shot, it makes me just want to sit down, prop my feet up, and do nothing.

Which makes the irritation that I felt when told I had to put on a blue surgical mask – either instead of or in addition to my normal cloth mask – understandable. The thing is, those type of masks attach via elastic bands to the ears – which, as I wear hearing aids, throws off the performance of those aids, and makes them vulnerable to unnoticed loss.

Golly, I really am getting to be a crank.

On the positive side, the sun is shining, the air is clear (not even all that bad for my allergies), and Life is Good.


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  1. Sorry to read about your health problems, Linda.  They are nothing you can ignore easily.  I had my first cataract surgery on the first and am loving the result though I’ll still need an Rx for my astigmatism.  Still not bad at all.  Cataracts are in the category of your problems I know.  Still, I miss my rubber knees and tireless muscles.  It is what it is.  I hope the injection gives you major relief.
    Yes, bright sun does wonders.  The simple stuff means a lot.  I get a kick out of feeding my Medicaid birds and watching the deer in the front yard.  Moochers all. 

    • enn ess on March 11, 2021 at 1:54 PM

    I don’t wish ills on anyone, well ok, maybe everyone in the commie socialist democrat party, but everyone else, not so much. However; Go ahead and enjoy those carefree 20’s, 30’s & 40’s, cause when you hit that 50’s mark that check eng. light gonna be comin on, and getting it turned off ain’t gonna be pretty. But consider this, we got 2 and only 2 choices in life: We can get old, or we can get dead.
    Ya know, old age ain’t all that bad, considering….

  2. “that check engine light” – oh, I love that comparison.

  3. Yes, masks are troublesome with hearing aids.  I have to be very careful when pulling the mask off that the hearing aids stay.  Bit pricey lose over an ineffective mask.

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