Clearly a Violation, But…

…given the likely loss under the currently constituted Supreme Court, not a good time to sue, and risk a loss that would brick in a precedent. That would give the Left a victory that might well outlast their dominance.

Yes, this is – for all but the Stupid and Leftist (but, I repeat myself) – a violation of the CDA’s Section 230, as well as a politically motivated discriminatory act. Unfortunately, political discrimination isn’t illegal. Unless we can somehow shoehorn the motivation into a category that survives a challenge, we’ve lost this fight before we’ve begun.

Are the decisions a clear case of an unfair advantage to the Left? Of course. But expecting the Federal government to officially recognize that these actions unfairly impose a political finger on the scale is not reasonable. In a world that didn’t involve Deep State involvement in politics, we could appeal to the FCC, the FEC, and the courts, to just name 3 of the many institutions that have become thoroughly infiltrated.


What’s the solution?

I’m afraid the only one I can see is not, at this point, likely. “Starving” the State only works when the Federal government’s use of fiat money is limited. The entrenched Elite have gone all-in on divorcing Federal spending from any relationship with GNP.

Which means, anyone who plans to retire, using Social Security, a military pension, or a pension (public or private), is riding a tiger. You cannot dismount, and survive. Your only “choice” is to continue the ride till the tiger collapses in exhaustion. At that point, you MIGHT be able to survive the fall, and escape before he recovers.

Continue your current activity – pay down any debt, build your reserves – both food and essential supplies – and get yourself ready for civilizational collapse. That means physical training and rehab, skills updates, and preparing not only your homestead, but the surrounding community, for a long siege. It might be government forces that are involved, but they will be enhanced by the starving masses, and the predators that take advantage of them.

If you’ve planning a move, you don’t have a lot of time. A newcomer, however vetted by a few of the longtime residents, will not be given the same assistance as one who has deep roots in that community. All-out defense help will be reserved to the closest relations and friends. Unless you qualify, you’ll be on your own.

UPDATE: Lest you become discouraged by all the gloom and doom, take heart! There are people who GET it.