Deaf, dumb, and blind.

These morons never think about the implications of what they say or do. Here Chelsey Clinton wants to put the screws to social media posters who voice doubts about the experimental COVID-19 “vaccination”:

Clinton, 41, responded to a question about so-called “vaccine hesitancy” regarding Covid vaccines by saying that there must be a global effort to crack down on vaccine-critical social media posts.

“I personally very strongly believe there has to be more intensive and intentional and coordinated global regulation of the content on social media platforms,” she said.

“We know that the most popular video across all of Latin America for the last few weeks that now has tens of millions of views is just an anti-vax, anti-science screed that YouTube has just refused to take down.”

Clinton added that anti-vaccine content “flourishes” across the world by way of social media platforms. Her attempts to convince the managers of these sites to remove the material has not worked, she said.

“We know that — because I have tried — that appealing to the leadership of these companies to do the right thing has just not worked, and so we need regulation.”[1]

Because if there’s anyone who understands “the science” of The Vid and the genetics of the vaccine it’s this expert in epidemiology, viral manipulation, dangerously stimulated immune responses, and reckless human experimentation.

This choice comment by Northwoodacres on this short post captures the hypocrisy of this luminous being:

Excuse me Dr. Clinton. What happened to my body my choice[?]

That’s supposed to be the gold standard of how to approach any issue of “health” policy but if the putative owner of the body in question is not with the progressive program then by Jupiter it’s a knee to the shoulder neck and up the wazoo for the likes of you.

The Silver goes to commenter Skiiindatrees:

Because God Forbid we should have an honest debate on what we are calling “Vaccines” that don’t prevent anyone from getting the virus!!


[1] “Chelsea Clinton calls for global crackdown on anti-Vaccine social media posts….” By Kane, Citizen Free Press, 5/8/21.