I say again . . . .

If you wanted to destroy America, what would you do differently from that which is already being done by the Deep State? Would you do something instead of:

  • Goose inflation?
  • Discourage value investing?
  • Create asset bubbles and punish savers?
  • Impoverish working people and permit the accumulation of unbelievable wealth for a tiny minority?
  • Send tens of thousands of our factories to the shores of a communist country?
  • Propagate fairy tales about the “Russian threat”?
  • Engage in massive, frivolous government spending?
  • Ramp up national debt?
  • Remain passive in addressing the pension crisis (the existing one)?
  • Spend the national pelf in reckless, pointless foreign wars?
  • Alienate the world by trying to impose our national pathologies?
  • Sanction all unworthy humanoids and nations on the planet?
  • Ecourate riot, arson, looting, assault, and murder in our streets?
  • Totally corrupt our elections while crowing about “our democracy”?
  • Turn over our entire political system to 50 billionaires and the banks?
  • Permit the teaching of diseased thinking in the schools, in particular, thinking that is but a direct attack on the founding people of the Nation and their intellectual, religious, legal, social, and political traditions? Thinking that is in fact a direct attack on decency and reason themselves?
  • Attack the bedrock right of free speech in underhanded, indirect way while crowing about “our values”?
  • Propagate lunatic ideas of globalism, multiculturalism, diversity, and the need for a Great Reset with undefined features?
  • Ceaselessly attack the decency, intelligence, good faith of the majority population?
  • Demand the worship of minorities, sexually confused people, foreigners, alien religions, and public indecency?
  • Deliberately flood the nation with millions and millions of foreigners with unknown backgrounds and unknown intentions and who have no intention to assimilate into the majority culture but who intend to steal American jobs and sponge off working Americans?
  • Propagate tendentious nonsense about “climate change” and attack key economic sectors regardless of the pain inflicted on productive citizens?
  • Double down on the bizarre incentives and gross pathologies of the welfare state?
  • Tolerate the wholesale evisceration of the Constitution and greasy lawfare then call it “the rule of law”?
  • Tolerate the yearly accretion of yet more laws and regulations?
  • Allow the intelligence agencies and the federal security forces to run wild and selectively crucify citizens?
  • Do nothing about rampant monopoly?
  • Celebrate a corrupt press?
  • Slobber over malevolent, moronic feminist hysterics?
  • Inundate the nation in ridiculous “narratives”?

Or what? If the current government is benign and rational, what destructive policies would you adopt and what overt and clandestine actions would you take to bring about the total collapse of the Nation that have not been adopted and that are not being taken?

Here’s Tucker’s take on some aspects of state-of-the-art American patriotic “governance”: