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On my old blog I had what I called Quick Hits – shorter pieces of commentary.  Rather than have an individual one for each topic, I’m pushing them together as one post to not overwhelm traffic-wise.


In light of the skullduggery (now there’s a word!) by the Left attempting to sabotage even auditing the election results, for those who keep assuring us that this was the freest and fairest election on record, an awful lot of people are scrambling to keep people from verifying their claims of free and fair are true.

As Aesop noted some time ago… people who know they won fairly don’t mind seeing the instant replay on the Jumbotron.  And one particular item, EXCLUSIVE: Dominion Controls Access to Voting Machine – Maricopa Co. Claims They Don’t Have Access – So Did Dominion Delete the Missing Files?, makes me ask a very pointed question:

If an entire database being deleted, just as it’s about to be audited, doesn’t arouse suspicions, what would?  Or is Orange Man Bad being gone justification for any violation of law, order, ethics, morality, decency, honor, etc.?

We see the Left being willing to, as the man in the below video warns, level every law to get Trump and, by extension, anyone to the Right of Stalin… then when the winds blow in “spicy time” we will have no restrictions either.


From my favorite morning talk radio show comes this idea: Trans-vaccinated.  I.e., “I identify as vaccinated – how dare you question my vax status identity”?

In parallel, I was buying vegetable plants yesterday, and was unmasked.  Saw several others, also unmasked, and commented to all “Nice to see faces”.  One couple, unmasked outside, put their masks on when inside and I asked them why?  “We didn’t want to stand out”.  When I recommended they remove them, they did. With smiles.

Got into a conversation with another couple who asked if I get harassed.  I told them that the last time someone said “You need a mask” I said “I need underwear too, but I don’t let that stop me”!  They laughed.  Time to unleash the mockery.


There’s a phrase – I don’t recall where I first saw it but it was long ago: Slowly, then suddenly.

The race wars.  Slowly, then suddenly.  The imminent hyperinflation and economic collapse.  Slowly, then suddenly.  Everything that’s going wrong in our society and in our civilization.  Slowly, then suddenly.  But it occurred to me that I’ve seen this before.

y = ex

To the left of the Y axis the change in the Y value of the curve, visually, is almost imperceptible.  Yes, change is happening, but it’s slowly-slowly.  All of a sudden, right around X = 0 or so, it starts to ramp up.  And once X goes positive the curve just blows up.  The change was there, the trend was there, but the exponential curve only really takes off when “X” goes positive.  We’re seeing multiple exponential curves of cultural & societal changes that were started decades ago – more precisely, deliberately set in motion decades ago.  The corruption and perversion of our society… slowly-slowly, until suddenly (e.g., this).  The Communist indoctrination of our youth… slowly-slowly, until suddenly.  And on and on and on.  Their alliance with Islam – another supremacist religion – against the enlightenment and Western Civilization through stealth migratory hijra and population replacement.  Slowly-slowly, until suddenly.

It reminds me of a sci-fi book I read many years past.  The plot device was that Neanderthals still existed but had evolved to look like us.  We, homo sapiens, were on our way out from some pandemic that didn’t affect them (hey, wait a minute…).  One of their leaders was being quizzed as to how we overtook them and why they didn’t stop us.  And I’m paraphrasing the answer, which was prefaced by a comment that they didn’t realize we were a threat to them, until we were:

Imagine a huge pond with a plant in a small inlet that doubles every day.  For days, even weeks, you might not notice it, until suddenly the pond is 1/8, then 1/4, then 1/2, then covered completely in a matter of scant days.

Slowly, then suddenly.

Many if not most of the issues facing America and the West were present and multiplying for years, even decades, but unseen until – seemingly overnight – we’re overwhelmed.  Part of that is deliberate, the “Cultural Ion Thrusters” slowly-slowly pushing on us in the Gramscian Long March through the Institutions, imperceptivity, until we realize that great change has been accomplished slowly (I was talking with a fellow congregant, a émigré from the USSR, where they commented that the US today is not even the same as the US 20 years ago).  Let me close this with two very-aligned examples:

I am studying Hebrew on Duolingo, and have added Russian and Spanish.  Doing a little “story” in Spanish where there is dialog and narration, and then you are quizzed on content, the scenario paints a picture of a woman going to the airport on her honeymoon… she is sad, because her wife is not with her in the taxi.  Her wife?  The other example, a “Covid awareness” PSA, where the speaker, clearly female, speaks about her talking with her wife about getting The Jab and doing their part and wearing masks, making sure their son is socially-distancing properly, etc.  Her wife?

Presented as perfectly normal… something that would have been utterly unthinkable 20 years or more ago.


Let me be clear on this: I believe fully in Martin Luther King Jr’s [spelling fixed, thanks to our host’s comment] noble dictum to judge by the content of character, not color of skin.  I am honored to have the now-late Walter Williams’ autograph to me on my wall at home, along with Larry Elder and – as soon as I get it framed – one from Col. Allen West… alongside autographs from Charlton Heston and Lady Margaret Thatcher.

But having said that, if it is visibly true that traits like melanin content in skin, hair curliness, eye color, etc., are evolution-developed traits in Africa that breed true, it is absolutely within the real of possible that other traits like tendencies to violence, IQ, etc., also breed true.

Nature vs. nurture.  We know that culture plays a huge role too.  As the notable sage Thomas Sowell – someone whose autographed picture I’ve sought for years without success, alas – once noted, children of black soldiers in Germany, with married parents, absent the “redneck culture” of the blacks in America, achieved just as well as their white-German counterparts.

There are no chains as strong as those we have imposed on our own minds.


One last thing, throwing this out there.

I spend a cr*pton of money to send our kids to private school (to the tune of 1/3 of my take-home pay; ideally I’d like to homeschool but logistically and financially that’s not possible as we need both incomes.  I am still the major breadwinner but my wife’s health benefits are also critical).  This year we had a difficult conversation with the teacher of my younger child, the teacher of the group to which they were going, and the headmaster about moving them up to that next group.  They wanted to hold the kid back.  This was not an academic issue but a social/emotional one.  And, yes, the kid is a bit of a crybaby though I keep hammering on the lesson that emotional control is key in life, and those that can control you emotionally can control you otherwise.  They are getting better.

In that discussion both my wife and I made it clear that were this academic we could agree on holding them back, but that since it’s emotional they need to move up… because they need to be surrounded by kids showing the behaviors we want them to see and emulate.  And it might do them some good, I think, to get teased about it too.  I should note that every single friend we have with children concurs.

This seemed to have been settled. All of a sudden, the school is telling us they’re going to hold him back.  Because their mandate to “do what’s best” supersedes our parental mandate to do what we think is best

Well, I question the timing for, you see, I’ve been asking some hard questions about the mask policy.  Now I’m not generally an unreasonable person – I didn’t demand masks be dropped instanter (would have liked that, but…).  Rather, I merely pointed out that there are conflicting studies of mask effectiveness – multiple studies showing they don’t work, experiences in states that are dropping masks, strongly-negative impacts on both physical health as well as psychological and interpersonal development, etc., etc., etc.  I also asked, simply, what the criteria are for when the mask mandate would be revisited.  I was told point-blank by the headmaster that no materials I send would have any effect on their policy.

So I’m being a thorn in their Covidian side, and now… out of the blue, knowing that their advancement is a non-negotiable thing for us, they’re stating that with no appeal they plan to hold him back.  So we’re looking for other private schools, and also charter schools.  Which is a pity, because we both like the school and the methodologies, etc.

Had they said “Well, we strongly advise against this, but we will do what you – the parents – request…” that would be different.

I cannot help but believe, given the data available, that they’re excommunicating our kids for my not being in the Church of the Covidian.


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  1. I believe fully in Martin Luthor King Jr’s noble dictum to judge by the content of character, not color of skin.  

    Uh, I believe you meant Martin Luther King. (The “Luthor” spelling is copyright (C) 1960 Lex Luthor. All rights reserved worldwide, and in Bizarroland.)

    1. Aaaaaah, spelling, my Kryptonite! 🙂

      Thanks for the correction – will fix in a moment.

    • Daniel K Day on May 18, 2021 at 4:03 PM

    As far as I know, the “slowly, then suddenly” (IIRC actually, “slowly, then all at once”) was Hemingway, describing the response to the question “How does one go from rich to poor?”

    • Gaius Vandali on May 18, 2021 at 8:14 PM

    There is no hope for Branch Covidians.

    • Michael G Rock on May 19, 2021 at 4:23 AM

    Hmm, no-one seems to be using the term oppression much.

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