Hammering on the panic button.

While negative views of Russia increased in the U.S. during Russiagate mania, few outside of hard-core Democratic partisans viewed that country as a genuine threat or primary enemy. Few Americans woke up shaking in fear about what the Kremlin might do to them.

The search for a new enemy around which the Biden administration could coalesce and in whose name they could keep fear levels high was quickly settled. Cast in that role would be right-wing domestic extremists.[1]

Glen Greenwald lays out the agenda of the government fearmonger machinery.

Our real enemies go unmentioned. Our pretend enemies twist the media and the Democrats into tiny, hard knots. We live in a soup of super charged hysteria, rank government dishonesty, misdirection, suppression of free speech by government lap dogs in the “private” sector, pathetic cowering in the face of “misinformation” and “disinformation,” ad hominem attacks as the new national pastime, and celebration of actual street thuggery, riot, arson, looting, and murder. But those white supremacists!

Black supremacists? Not so much.

[1] “Greenwald: The Democrats’ New War On (Domestic White) Terror Has Already Begun…” By Glen Greenwald, ZeroHedge, 6/2/21.