Final Stages

     In the demise of every organism and every nation, there is a set of terminal symptoms that heralds the imminent conclusion of the process. In many plants, it’s a visible condition of wilting. In many animals, it’s a distortion of the creature’s breathing. In a society, it’s the pervasive defiance of the laws against violence and public disorder.

     And with that, a brief (six minute) video from Paul Joseph Watson:

     The events at the spa were bad enough. The attack by AntiFa, and the subsequent actions of the police in 1) refusing to defend the peaceable protestors and 2) arresting a man who dared to defend himself make it plain that Los Angeles, California is about to collapse into complete chaos – and it might take the whole state with it.

     The Golden State is the chief “produce cart” of these United States. Imagine it as a “failed state” in which there is no order and no safety. Be quick about it; soon you won’t need to imagine.

     The lesson in this “should” be “obvious.” Sadly, it isn’t.


     Throughout the nation, public order is breaking down. I can hardly name a city of significant size where Black Lives Matter and AntiFa don’t run rampant. Municipal police departments are either indifferent or impotent. Though there haven’t yet been many, reports of home invasions by those forces are making honest, peaceable Americans fearful about their own homes. As for urban commercial districts, I hardly think I need comment.

     Los Angeles may be the forerunner of a complete social collapse from coast to coast. The consequences will include food shortages, loss of electrical power, unavailability of fuels, disruption of the roads, open gang violence, and many other things. If you think having the kids confined to the house this past year was bad, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet – and I hope you never do, though in my view the portents are grim.

     Recently, someone on Gab asked founder Andrew Torba what sort of preparations for the future he would recommend. His response was terse: “Stockpile food, silver, and ammo, and learn to farm.” The advice may be ominous, but those measures are like chicken soup: they can’t hurt you and they might just save your life.

     But something else we could do would save a whole lot of lives.


     The following is from a novel-under-construction:

     “Public order is a matter of public will,” Merrell said in his most famous first-term address. “We have lacked the will. We dislike to compel immigrants and the young to conform to the norms of public decorum. We dislike to demand that public charges aim for self-sufficiency and make an honest effort to achieve it. We dislike to budget for law enforcement. We dislike to see armed men who embody the authority of the law patrolling our streets. We dislike to erect and staff prisons. We especially dislike to clear the streets of vagrants and idlers by force, or to hold parents responsible for the deeds of their miscreant children. Yet these measures, not ‘tolerance,’ nor ‘leniency,’ nor ‘understanding,’ nor ‘compassion,’ nor ‘community service,’ are the ones that will mitigate our problems with poverty, vagrancy, vandalism, and more serious crimes.”

     Would anyone care to argue with John Merrell?

     Remember the immense improvement in the condition of New York City when Mayor Rudy Giuliani sent forth its police to enforce all the laws, including the ones pertinent to “quality of life?” You don’t have to be that old to recall those years. Giuliani’s success in making the Big Apple a pleasant place to live, work, and shop was why he acquired the sobriquet “America’s Mayor.” Contrast the Giuliani years with those of the odious crypto-Communist Bill de Blasio.

     There is only one issue that matters in the elections of the years before us: law and order. No candidate who refuses to make that his one and only priority should receive even a single vote. Unless and until peaceable Americans are once more able to go about their lives without fear, this nation will come ever closer to chaos and disintegration. Whether anything could be reclaimed from the wreckage is dubious.

     The traditional norms of public deportment, from the prohibition of violence all the way to standards of decency, must be enforced humorlessly and without exception. Nothing else will serve. What people choose to do in the privacy of their homes is of no moment.

     You can argue the point if you have the cojones, but you’d bloody well better make it good. My country is dying and I’m in a foul mood.


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  1. The gist of this 7000 word essay by Lee Smith may be grokked from the start. It does a fine job of explaining recent events such as this in CA and other parts of America and the world. Thanks to Mawm at Crusader Rabbit’s latest Open House.

    • Elvis Brady on July 6, 2021 at 9:14 AM

    The fifth column Long Marcher comrades known as the CPUSA or democrats will burn it all down by any means necessary but the CCP and Russia will beat them to it.

    • Scott in Phx on July 6, 2021 at 12:57 PM

    This is the fault of conservatives, especially the “law and order” conservatives, who long ago failed to demand accountability of the police.

    If they had gotten rid of qualified immunity, police unions, and insisted on real civilian oversight then cops like Chauvin would not have been on the payroll.

    And so  most, maybe all of the incidents that the radical left used to attack law and order would not have happened.


      • Fred Robertson on July 7, 2021 at 10:33 AM

      You must have been speed typing as you left out the most critical component words from your opening statement. To complete your thought…
      “This is the fault of conservatives, especially the “law and order” conservatives, who long ago failed to demand accountability of the police.” Should be replaced with the complete thought.

      This is the fault of conservative sand bagging, do nothing mopes, especially the wannabe “law and order” rinos, who long ago failed to demand accountability of the communist democrat political appointed police management, and communist democrat politicians themselves.

  2. LAW AND ORDER… including at the border.

    Ann Coulter may be caustic but she – and Mark Steyn – know of what they speak: Even with law and order, if we do not control immigration and limit those coming in to those who will assimilate to AMERICAN culture and ethos, we’re doomed.

    We may be doomed anyway, but that’s another matter.


    • Jason on July 6, 2021 at 5:04 PM

    The message is clear, they are coming for your kids. Question is what are you going to do about it? Who will be first to resist? Know this, once you stand your ground, they will bring the full force and power of the state down upon you, the first to stand will be the first to fall, but not the last. How will history remember you?

    • Fa Cube Itches on July 6, 2021 at 11:17 PM

    There is only one issue that matters in the elections of the years before us: law and order. No candidate who refuses to make that his one and only priority should receive even a single vote.

    Not really sure that Voat Harder is a valid tactic anymore, if ever it was.  And as far as law and order goes, not to worry – soon enough, the elites will ensure that we get far more of it that we ever wanted.  On the plus side, for those willing for the shilling, the monthly paycheck from the Neostasi should be nice.

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