Thank you, Jesus.

Nikole Hannah-Jones, eminent scholar, departs the University of North Carolina to delight and inform the journalism students at Howard University.[1]

Nothing says “scholar” in my book so much as bright red clown hair but that’s just me. The quality of her work, however, is beyond dispute. Fact, Jack.

Well, ok. Sincere condolences to those future Howard students who will find that they enrolled in a course on creative writing instead of something remotely connected to the trade of journalism. In an uncharacteristic burst of cynicism, however, I do predict an initial standing ovation from the students.

And sincere condolences to the UNC students she left behind. Their eventual degree will be conferred by an institution that will be forever remembered as being governed by cowards who give new meaning to the word “craven.”

[1] “1619 Project Creator Nikole Hannah-Jones Rejects UNC Tenure Offer.” By Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge, 7/6/21.