Collected Evidence On the Coup

Ace pieces together a long string of tweets, interspersed with his own commentary, on all that we may have seen and sometimes have forgotten. Highly recommended.

I’d normally add a few good excerpts here, but I’ll leave for all of you to tell us what bits you find most infuriating.

Here alone is Ace’s closing line — words that many writers and readers here have already stated — which indicates he’s finally catching up:

“It’s time to start talking seriously about the crisis of illegitimacy in the former America republic, and what exactly the subjects of the Ruling Class — not the citizens, we’re not that, we’re subjects, and we will pretend no longer — will do about it.”


    • Hoagie on July 11, 2021 at 9:58 AM

    Great.  And they wonder why upwards of 150 million++ Americans distrust the media, the law and the government. 

    1. Most people do not recognize that fascism and communism are quite related, including far too many conservatives and libertarians. Both collectivisms are bastards spawned by the Progressive Project. You and I may see our corporate owned media behaving exactly as Pravda and Izvestia, yet there is no obvious Politburo controlling it. Yes, owned by corporations and paid for by other corps who demand the staged performances we see.

      Anyone who cannot remember when and why Under God was added to The Pledge probably thinks that some man will save us.

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