Things are being done to us that we seem unable to countervail. The destruction of the dollar. The strangulation of our energy supplies. Limitations on our travel. The privatization of censorship. The monitoring of our personal communications.

     We could see much of it coming from far off, decades ago. The explosive acceleration of federal spending. The massive influx of illegal immigrants. The PATRIOT Act and the Department of Homeland Security. The federalization of airport security. The unleashing of the “intelligence community.” The rise of victimism and identity-group politics. The ascension of Big Tech. The implications weren’t difficult to see.

     A single thread runs through all of it. The Founding Fathers called it consolidation. It was one of their direst fears. It remains as fearsome as ever, but the terminology has changed. Today we call it centralization. By either name, it refers to the steady accumulation of ever more power in ever fewer hands: hands that are inimical to Americans’ rights as specified in the Bill of Rights.

     The great need of our time is for countermeasures.


     I don’t think we can rely on politics to undo any of the above. Our political class is completely corrupt. Perhaps one percent of the elected officials in Washington aren’t beholden to some deep-pocketed sponsor that dictates their every move. The other 99% either actively promote the centralization of all power in their hands, or have been instructed by their backers not to “rock the boat.” What would it be reasonable to expect from such people?

     As for “voting the rascals out,” the election system is firmly in their grip. The rash of legislation at the state level, aimed at thwarting the corruption that made the 2020 elections a farce, will barely slow them down. There are simply too many ways to cheat, and too few ways to redress even the most blatant cheating. Joe Stalin never had it so good.

     Of course, politics can’t or won’t touch the part of it that “we did to ourselves:” i.e., the rise of the Internet Goliaths that have become its de facto censors and hall monitors. That we could undo simply by refusing to use their “free services.” But how many people are willing to forsake Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and return to the anything-goes Blogosphere? That even Web hosts are exercising censors’ powers over their customers doesn’t help with the motivation.

     Perhaps John Derbyshire was right after all.


     As the political class no longer responds to the private citizenry and the masters of the corporate behemoths are on the side of the New Oligarchy, traditional citizen recourses – e.g., “peaceably petitioning the government for a redress of grievances” – are pointless. Unless there’s a nationwide armed uprising dedicated to restoring Constitutional government and the public order your grandparents enjoyed, your best bet lies in striving to preserve yourself and your family despite the Sturm und Drang, Thus, we have entered an Era of Evasion and Escape (E3) in which three general approaches are available:

  1. Invisibility;
  2. Obscurity;
  3. Disguise.

     It’s difficult today to be completely invisible to the powers that be and their allies. It can be done only at a great cost in latitude of action and standard of living. Yet even today there are some who pull it off. Here’s how:

  1. They work off the books, when they work.
  2. They transact only in cash or barter.
  3. They maintain no fixed address.
  4. They resist the use of ID documents.
  5. They never court the attention of the State.

     Most Americans are too intertwined with “normal” life to adopt this approach. Obscuring one’s activities, such that one makes use of “normal” institutions but is hard to find unless “clued in,” is almost as difficult. I know of only one person who’s managed anything like it.

     Disguise is a more practical approach for most of us: to look like a compliant subject of the Regime while quietly going about a different sort of business. The main point is not getting flagged as suspicious or sustaining damage from other unfriendly forces. There’s effort involved, and a degree of forethought most people find unfamiliar, but the approach is within the capabilities of most Americans, assuming the desire is there.

     To disguise yourself for best protection from the Usurper Regime and its loyalists, there are a few things you shouldn’t do:

  1. Don’t communicate via “social media.” Discourage your spouse and children from doing so.
  2. Don’t answer polls, public opinion surveys, or questions about your views from strangers.
  3. Don’t talk politics in a group whose members you don’t all know personally.
  4. Don’t answer the door unless you know who’s knocking.
  5. Don’t court the attention of any identity group.

     There are also a few positive things you can do:

  1. Get as well-acquainted with your neighbors as you can. Know which of them will stand by you in a crisis…and which won’t. Make sure they know that reciprocity applies, as well.
  2. Let trustworthy persons know that your services – i.e., whatever you can do that others might value – can be purchased without anyone else becoming aware of the transaction (e.g., taxing authorities). Be discreet about it.
  3. Join a quiet barter-and-precious-metals exchange, preferably one that’s difficult for anyone to join without first establishing his bona fides.
  4. To the extent possible, move your savings out of the dollar and dollar-denominated instruments (e.g., bonds, equities).
  5. Read this old book.

     And of course, regardless of all the other details of your preferred approach, get armed: distance and melee weapons both. Practice with your weapons. Contrive to keep them handy at all times.

     And pray.


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    • Bill Johnson on July 14, 2021 at 10:48 AM

    Great Article. A couple of things I thought of as I was reading it:

    Pray first for guidance, not last. I’m sure you didn’t mean prayer was an afterthought, but some might read it that way.

    A couple of suggestions for positive steps:

    Make sure you are well supplied for essentials, food, water, ammo, etc., and make sure no one else knows about it.

    Buy local and boycott/starve the large corps that support the tyrants. There are some larger companies that are better than others in that regard. I have been hoping someone would start a site that would help us determine those companies/orgs that we could support or avoid. The powers that be understand power and MONEY. Starve the bastards.

    Keep up the great work and articles. I read your stuff every day.


    • robert on July 14, 2021 at 3:08 PM

    Just got two gallons of milk , fresh,raw,and whole with 3 inches of pure sweet cream on top from a friend . He bought a chicken plucker machine from me and is paying me back with weekly milk . He wanted $1.50 per gallon but I insisted I give him $5 each . It is well worth it . I will be removing the electric motor and converting the plucker to a small gas engine for him soon . In return he will be butchering some critters for me . I’m not a blood and guts type of guy when it comes to the critters . People maybe . 

  1. There is a paradox here.

    As I wrote in Just Give Me Yavneh, there is little point in attempting to save those who have committed themselves to being sheep.  There is, in parallel, much benefit in being as grey as possible – though how grey one can get is questionable.

    But on the flip side of this there is tremendous value in letting people on our side know they’re not alone!  Which requires NOT being grey.

      • Max Wiley on July 15, 2021 at 7:01 AM

      You can be grey while finding like minded people to form a tribe. It has to be done with extreme care and it requires thought, study, and effort.
      Start shooting USPSA. You need the skills and you’ll meet the right kind of people if you keep your mouth shut and your ears open.
      Start attending training classes in military and survival skills, especially those that are relatively anonymous and held in your state. You will meet the right kind of people.
      Get out of the cities NOW and start getting more self sufficient. Find any ways you can to join in and participate in your rural community.
      It can be done. Get to work now, because you aren’t going to ride this thing out alone.

    • MrPink on July 15, 2021 at 5:32 AM

    Great advice.

    As you know, with the new FedGov program of going door to door to check after your covid shot status, there’s been an explosion of memes where people are stating that they will hang silly signs on their door, be verbally antagonistic toward the government agents, or advocating violence against them.

    At best, they’re stupid, at worst homicidal.

    An inquiry about your HIPAA information is a very gray area of the law, but even in the worst extreme, it’s not a death penalty offense.  And individuals can’t be judge, jury and executioner.  There’s some reference in the Constitution about that.

    So better advice, as Mr. Poretto suggests, is to lie low.  Many of us can’t follow the Jack Reacher model and be entirely off the grid.  But to avoid the attention of the government, there is one thing we can do.


    This government has completely broken the social contract and now rules by force alone.  This government has lied to us so frequently, I’ve long ago lost count.  So we owe them nothing.

    So don’t be an jerk, and memorable.  That will earn you an asterisk next to your name, and potential follow up by law enforcement at a later date and time of their choosing.  They now know where you live, and LE will always choose their pensions over your rights.  Every time.

    Just lie.  And be pleasant.  Yes, we all got the shots.  No, no side effects.  The vax cards from my doc are around here somewhere, can’t find them right now.  Sorry, but I was just leaving.  Gotta go, thanks for stopping by.

    Then shut the door, and go for a drive (not a walk where they can walk with you).

    Now you are checked off, and the wolf is gone from your door.

    Think of Passover.  Your door is now marked, and the Pharos men will pass you by.

    At least this time.

    Last, recall the advice of Machiavelli.  Always be armed.  You never know.

    Good luck and take care.

    • Bill Johnson on July 15, 2021 at 7:06 AM

    Lying to a federal agent is a felony. I’ll take my chances with avoid the conversation rather than fall into their trap of committing a felony where none existed before. And don’t kid yourself, they will be considered federal agents if that is what is needed to support their agenda. Never, ever, talk to a Fed unless you are forced to and then only with an attorney present. Never.

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