Do Facts Matter Part 2

     In response to the first episode in this tragedy, reader Clayton commented thus:

     “Respectable, law-abiding Negroes could solve the problem by bringing their unruly racial brethren to heel.”

     Which is why desegregation and the end of Redlining was a disaster for Blacks: much like the US and EU strip-mining anyone with talent from the Third World, thus guaranteeing the Third World stays that way and gets worse, by allowing the “talented ten percent” of US Blacks to escape their feral cousins, any potential cultural or social restraint was removed. “Finding good schools,” that is, getting the hell away from Feral Americans, became just as important to Blacks on the right side of the IQ curve as Whites in general.

     There is a great insight here. Intelligence is distributed differently among the races. Moreover, intelligence correlates strongly with “law-abidingness:” the willingness and ability to conform to the dictates of the law. With about a standard deviation (15 IQ points) separating the means of their intelligence distributions, about one-sixth of American Negroes fall on the right side of the mean for American Caucasians. That gives them an incentive to separate themselves from their racial brethren and merge, geographically, behaviorally, and occupationally, with the Caucasian majority. That benefits those who can separate themselves, which no man of good will could condemn…but there are other effects as well.

     The portion of the American Negro demographic “left behind” is predominantly well to the left of the intelligence / law-abidingness mean. Without the leavening of the “talented tenth” that might assist the whole in rising toward the American Caucasian norm, those communities tend to drift further from it. Worse, the “left behind” tend not to view the “talented tenth” as models to which to aspire, but as “race traitors.” Worse still, the recent promotion of “multiculturalism” and “moral relativism” has strengthened the resistance of the “left behind” to the surrounding culture and its norms. What could possibly have resulted other than the emergence of an unruly subculture, disdainful of the laws and immiscible with the larger American culture of achievement and public order?

     Whether any power could undo that effect is open to question.


     Individuals pay attention to facts when making decisions for themselves and their families. They behave quite differently in conversations with others…and in the voting booth. In those realms, expressing widely approved attitudes and intentions gets priority. If the position that “the races differ in important ways” is widely disapproved – which has been the case for some time now – it will seldom be expressed, for fear of social and commercial exclusion.

     The same is true for voting decisions. Popular delusions about “the secret ballot” to the side, our neighbors know to a high degree of accuracy where we stand politically. We tend to vote as if they were looking over our shoulders. Thus, attention to the facts is discouraged in favor of conformance with the dominant attitudes.

     Note that the “dominant attitudes” are dominant in expression only. Individuals are aware of the facts; they merely keep that awareness to themselves, reserving it for more personal decisions about where to live and with whom to associate. (Note that very few of America’s more vociferous left-liberals live near a significant Negro population.) Coupled to the desire to assist less fortunate others that arises from human “fellow-feeling,” great harms are inflicted upon depressed sub-populations by way of government programs supposedly designed to “help” them.

     It has been observed that international aid to Third World nations only enriches their dictators. It leaves their subjects no better off than before at best. Even gifts of survival goods – food, clothing, medical supplies – tend to do no good. The power elite seizes such gifts and uses them to reinforce their own positions. The recent history of Somalia, Ethiopia, and the Sudan speaks eloquently to this point. Observant Americans have been drawing the moral…yet most fail to see the application to the very same problems within our own borders.

     Facts may be stubborn things, but they cannot compel us to give them their due, the occasional mugging notwithstanding. There’s a reason Robert Fisk’s surname has become a verb.

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  1. The subject in your penultimate paragraph beginning “It has been observed that international aid to Third World nations…” comes up in my last Friday’s podcast around 2:30 when I discuss failed states in my future history.

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