The More We Uncover Their Schemes,…

…the craftier they get in finding new ways to cheat.

It’s a moving target – and, like Charlie Brown, we fall for it just about every time.

The trouble is, we expect most people to be like us – mostly honest. And, that is true – for MOST of us.

But, it is not true for the Hard-Core Left, and their sychophants. They will use any means to get their way, whether that involves lying, cheating, or outright fraud. The Gateway Pundit has been running the most comprehensive series of posts on the post-election investigations, and the evidence is piling up – yes, they cheated. And, no, just fixing THESE tricks won’t stop them – they will immediately pivot to another tactic.

The only way to stop them is to refuse to leave the ballots in their hands, without oversight by We, the People.

We need to be right there, in the midst of counting. If they try to bring in the cops to kick us out, we need to have judges on speed-dial. And, if necessary, mass numbers of people who will back up the watchers right to be there.

No more quietly going away. No more staying so far away from the counting process that the integrity of the process cannot be verified (or challenged). No more agreeing that distancing is ‘saving lives’ – we need to be RIGHT THERE, perhaps masked, but THERE.

All people in the process have to verify their identity with fingerprints. No ballot may be moved without an audit trail. Suspicious counts (a near 100% for the Dem) should be challenged, and the ballots creating that lopsided result inspected.

NO deliveries after hours – not ballots, not food/drink, not people. If they try to shut down the place ‘for the night’, guards should be stationed inside and out, and be paired with OUR guys.

Will that stop them?

Hardly. But the margin of victory needed in a mostly honest election is well within reach, given some precautions.

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  1. They will find news ways.  Their RELIGION demands it.

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