There’s no way to predict in what direction a chat here at the Fortress of Crankitude will go. For example, recently the C.S.O. lamented the frequency of chicken in our dinner menu. Since that, she’s made a serious attempt to reduce the number of chicken occurrences per week. Knowing her proclivities as I do, I’ve made no attempt to redirect her. But this morning presented an opportunity for a little snark:

FWP: What do you have planned for dinner?
CSO: A salad.

FWP: Will it contain…chicken?
CSO: (surprised) Well, if you want. We have canned chicken, buffalo chicken strips, honey-barbecue chicken, or I could stop at the store after yoga and pick up a rotisserie chicken—

FWP: Never mind. Of course, there’s also pre-chicken.
CSO: Hard boiled eggs? I was planning to make egg salad for lunch.

FWP: Then go ahead with the egg salad. Though that does mean that the egg will come before the chicken, today at least.
CSO: (scowls)

     Yes, it is a silly household. What made you think otherwise?

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  1. My husband could eat chicken for EVERY meal. So, I too have those times when I JUST CAN’T EAT ANOTHER BIRD!
    It doesn’t last long.

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