Scientism, Democratism, And Statism

     The ism suffix particle most often indicates a faith, or a similarly faith-based system of beliefs. There are a few exceptions – bruxism, for instance, is dentists’ term for habitual grinding of the teeth, and a neologism is just a newly coined word – but the rule is usually reliable.

     Recently, we’ve had discussions about scientism versus actual science. Scientism, to be specific, is a de facto worship of men who call themselves scientists, whether or not they really are. We are told not to argue with them, as if they were a priesthood dispensing a revelation. But scientism has nothing whatsoever in common with science, which is a process of open inquiry, inference, prediction, and experimentation. It’s doubtful these discussions have changed many minds. My lexical approach isn’t likely to change many, either – what could, in these days of absolute polarization? – but it’s what I do.

     In keeping with the above approach to this important contemporary foofaurauw, I’d like to introduce for your consideration and possible rhetorical exploitation the coinage democratism, which I shall define as the worship of numbers presented to us as the results of honest elections. Thou shalt not question the election tallies! cry the apostles of democratism. They are a sacred gift, the fruits of our priceless inheritance of democracy! In this manner they shout down any Americans who doubt that the 2020 elections were conducted according to the applicable laws. The creed of democratism displaces the legally codified procedure of electoral balloting that’s usually albeit inaccurately called democracy.

     Note how nicely democratism conduces to the interests of the Ruling Class. What’s that? You claim we don’t have a Ruling Class? But then, why was it felonious lese majeste that Americans assembled in Washington to protest an election they sincerely believe was stolen from them? What makes it akin to treason to argue that there cannot be eighty-one million living American citizens who would vote to install as president a senile and demonstrably sick old man who has fantasized his entire history, continues to repeat thoroughly debunked lies, can’t complete three sentences in a row, has difficulty reading from a teleprompter, and spent nearly the whole of the campaign season hiding in his basement?

     Both scientism and democratism have been harnessed to the cart of statism: the worship of political power and those who wield it. They’ve proved extraordinarily strong draft animals. In combination with the engine of propaganda and deceit we call the media, they’ve all but completed the subjugation of what was once the freest, most prosperous, and most secure nation ever to have existed.

     Seems like November 2000 was just yesterday, doesn’t it, Gentle Reader?

     The very folks who screamed and raved and ceaselessly agitated to overturn the 2000 presidential election results are unanimous today about how the election is over and done and certified by the states and the Senate, so we should all “move on.” That includes a fair number of pundits considered right-of-center. While some advance arguments that have a little substance, most are simply trying to protect their rice bowls. As our English cousins might say, they’ve “done a corner” in democratism. When We the People demand that the many clear evidences of massive election fraud be properly investigated, it threatens to upset their applecarts. Impugn the integrity of those who turn the electoral wheels? Risk the ire of the regime by questioning its legitimacy? What would they do without their media perches, their access to politicians and Deep State officials, their welcome in the Georgetown cocktail party circuit? Sell used cars?

     The scientism promoted by the acolytes of Faucism plays into this rather nicely. Hey, there was a pandemic in progress! We had to go to voting by mail! There was no alternative! You didn’t want everyone to get sick, did you? Saint Anthony has spoken! Thou shalt not question the High Priest of Covidism!

     Ah, such fun. But it has been used to install a set of Usurpers at the levers of federal power. Removing their claws from those levers will be difficult at best. And until then, we must deal with their depredations, tacitly enabled and assisted by quislings and milquetoasts who call themselves Republicans.

     A people who deserve to be free would not be sitting idle as this transpires. There would already be purges of Boards of Election and state governments to remove and punish the villains who made it possible. They would evict the “go along to get along” Republicans from their seats and replace them with patriots good for more than mouthing self-righteous insincerities into microphones. They would not be satisfied to chant “let’s go Brandon” at football games. Neither would they be kept down by scientistic oppressors wielding an engineered quasi-flu virus as their bludgeon.

     But I’ve said all that before, to no demonstrable effect. Words on a computer screen can do very little. Anyway, I’ve emitted more than my quota. Do as you please, America. Pretend that everything will be back to normal by and by. I’ll shut up now.

     (Where the Hell is that planetoid?)


    • Hoagie on October 30, 2021 at 9:06 AM

    Don’t discount your meaningful contributions to our cause, Francis.   We all participate in our own way and with whatever means we have.   You’re doing your part quite well.

  1. As I was explaining to my sister last Friday, it takes time. The clampdown in the mainstream media, and on social media, means that most people – the vast majority of whom are not Woke, but also haven’t a clue about the effort that has been put into pushing the Woke viewpoint – are not even standing in the doorway. They aren’t even hearing the doorbell.

    They are sitting on their couch, killing time, and occasionally complaining about rising prices or local problems. They are not, thanks to aggressive efforts to re-direct blame and anger towards the Non-Left, aware of what is happening behind the Wizard’s curtain.

    They are neither Bad People, nor Idiots. They belong to the Majority, who only pay minimal attention to politics or culture fights during election years, and when it directly affects them. When someone brings up issues, they tend to come down on the side of “Let’s all get along”. They were raised to avoid polarizing topics, like Politics, Religion, and Culture. Their highest ambition, when in mixed groups (those not all holding the same biases), is to “keep everything civil” – i.e., no open disagreement.

    You cannot talk straightforwardly to such people. They aren’t ready for it, and they will automatically shut off anything you say. They are generally incapable of logical reasoning, beyond the most basic level, and tend to make decisions on an emotional basis.

    Yet, it’s necessary to help them understand the underlying peril they face. It’s just that you cannot toss it at them with a firehose, and expect them to stand there and take it.

    They will run away from such an avalanche of info.

    So, we have to realize that this is a multi-year project. The steps are:

    Educate yourself. Learn about the basic framework of the USA, and become conversant with the founding documents (Check).
    Go beyond the basics. Read the Federalist Papers (Still not complete – gotta get busy with that).
    Spend some time getting to know your neighbors/near relations/social circle/work acquaintances/church members. The point is NOT to start a debate, it is to get to know what motivates them.

    What do they value in life?
    Learn about their family and friends. What formative experiences did they have?
    Where do they fall on the prep axis: Could hold out for a year or two, can handle a storm (several weeks of no power/additional food/water), would starve without assistance in a few hours?
    Do they own some basic tools? Have a working car or two? Understand basic home/vehicle maintenance and repair?
    Do they have stored food? Know how to can? Can make dinner without using a microwave?
    Do they own any non-phone communications devices (walky-talky, GMRS, amateur radio)? Do they know how to use them?
    What is their thinking on home defense? Guns/knives/security systems. Do they have them? Are they the neighbors that post “Guns are the Problem” signs in their yard? Were they in the military, and was it a combat position?
    Are they people who you would trust to keep an eye on your home when on vacation for a few days? Do they have people living with them that are untrustworthy/on drugs/felons? Do they have some character issues?

    All of the above takes time to ascertain. It’s a slow process. If you are a recent immigrant into that community (from another country or state), it will take even longer.

    Now, there are some steps you can take to speed this process up. Volunteer some hours at your church/local library/foodbank/other civic organization – including Block Watch activities, that can have you pairing people, which also gives you some extended time to quietly talk and get to know each other. You’ll get to know a few people, and begin the sorting process:

    Sheep – the vast majority. They depend on others to feed and protect them. They follow the crowd – which is OK if they are in a good crowd, awful if the crowd is bad. The best of these have good personal morals/character. The worst would turn you in for a loaf of bread. Know which kind they are, and realize that, if the pressure is significant, even the “good ones” will start rationalizing their willingness to cave into treachery.
    Wolves – in some ways, open enemies are the best. You know where they stand. There are few surprises. You know not to count on them, other than to act against your interests.
    Sheepdogs – hard to find, important to cultivate. Not all are personal warriors, armed and dangerous. The older and physically weaker ones may still supply valuable support – provisions, storage of things you can’t keep in your own home, communications skills, knowledge/skills/equipment, and time. You can speed up the process of sorting/vetting if you rely on some of those that are not able to physically fight.

    What are you waiting for? Start networking.

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