A Busy, Busy Day

It’s my own fault. I’ve been putting off some tasks – household, financial, personal – for too long. Today is the day that I have set aside to play catch-up.

Starting with posting on my own personal blog more regularly. Today’s post is a mish-mash of random things. That’s the way my mind has been working – little concentration for extended essays, but jumping around at poorly connected topics.

When I finish my current cup of coffee, I’m off to shower and dress for the day. I’m going to build some “fun” time into the day, don’t you worry. But, my goal is to stop around dinner, look around, and see significant progress.

I’m trying to detach from the idea that I, and I almost alone, am responsible for seeing that this country survives. That’s pretty much what is behind the obsessive reading of the many atrocities of our occupied country’s temporary overlords. I’m acting like gathering more information is key to holding off the Final Battle.

Well, it’s not. There is a lot wrong at present; some of it affect me, some of it is just causing pain to others, not related (and, often, living in far distant places). I cannot take on the task of a superhero, ever-vigilant and hyper-aware of every danger to the public. I’m ONE person.

And that ONE person is going to work on things closer to home for now. If something particularly pernicious hits the headlines, I likely will read about it, and may even post about it somewhere. But, I’m no longer going to make it so much a focus that I miss my opportunity to live my own life in peace.

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  1. ** I’m acting like gathering more information is key to holding off the Final Battle **

    It’s seductive but a lot like pounding sand. Like Mrs. Jellyby.

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