The Secret to Successful Lying

It’s not to make up a story that is completely disconnected from reality. That kind of Fantasy Web-Spinning works only with credulous children, and starry-eyed Leftists.

No, to be a Good Lie, you have to start with a kernel of truth – but not the WHOLE truth.

The video below is a really good example of that form of misdirection-turned-blatant-lie that is so popular in some circles.

Kamala is often underrated. She has mastered one form of public presence – the Verbose Flood of Crap, Carefully Shielded by Sporadic Insertion of Partial Truth. That’s a real skill, and it’s aided by the fact that those operating in Non-Logical Thinking Mode will let the flood of words wash over them, allowing the mellow tones to hit their amygdala head-on, and guide them to an emotional decision that – YES! – this is Truth!

Don’t let your personal dislike for Kamala to allow you to NOT see her appeal. She has some potential to be a very effective figurehead for those that are pulling the strings. The Non-Thinkers – those who have been rendered incapable of logical thinking process by their shoddy excuse for an education – will respond favorably. They won’t be able to point to any actual argument that she made, they will just retain the hazy, warm FEELING that she gave them.

Point by point, here are my objections to what she said, in response to a question about inflation:

  • She starts with an admission that would seem to disfavor the Biden administration. She acknowledges that “Prices have gone up”. That “families and individuals are dealing with the realities that bread costs more, that gas costs more”. So, this is intended to disarm those who would say that the administration is clueless – how can you say that! She admitted to it!
  • Note that she immediately swivels to talk, not of inflation, but “the cost of living” and “limited resources”, and turns the focus to the stress this causes to consumers. Bear that in mind; it’s important.
  • After that, she begins the Big Shift. That shift is to talking about the supply chain. The supply chain isn’t the real problem (it doesn’t help with shelf shortages and rising prices, but it’s relatively minor, as its cause was the sudden release on the economic brakes that accompanied the “Return to Normal”). Notice that she talks about “working with labor unions and municipalities” to open up the ports. Those are two of the Dem party’s strongest allies, who will likely back up her version of the problems. Yet, those allies CAUSED a certain amount of the problem.
  • She then mentions 3 cities – Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Savannah, and – Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! Those cities just HAPPEN to be part of the BBB – Build Back Better bill – also, misleadingly known as the ‘Infrastructure Bill’. WHAT a coincidence!
  • Her next misleading claim is that BBB is “designed to make it less expensive for working people to live”. Well, kinda, sorta true. But, BBB is not cost-free. Kamala flatly states that BBB will “not cost anything – we’re paying for it”. Well, honey, that’s not strictly true. SOMEONE will pay for it. This isn’t one of those bills that uses Magic Beans to pay for things. The money has to come from someone – individuals or businesses. So, for those people who are paying for this boondoggle, life is NOT going to become ‘less expensive’ but MORE expensive. For those who already don’t pay for very much in their lives, yeah, it’s gonna be “Mo’ money, mo’ money!” No cost to THEM. But a HUGE cost, both now, and in the future, for most of those who are actually WORKING – and, for those who have, after a lifetime of working, want to begin using their investments to live on.
  • Note that she NEVER addresses the effect of government spending on inflation. You might think she’d never heard of it. You will NOT be hearing the term inflation in the near future. It will all be talk about Investment in America, Cost of Living, and Wonderful Advantages to Working Americans. That those Working Americans who actually PAY taxes – whose net relationship with the government is that of one who is in debt to the Treasury, rather than someone who is ‘given’ money in the end – will somehow benefit. They won’t. It’s going to cost them, bigly.
  • This approach to the economic crisis will KILL those who are retired. No amount of COLA will offset the devastation that will be caused by inflation on those living on fixed incomes. Only government retirees will generally get COLA additions. Those who retired privately will suffer, particularly if they haven’t access to a retirement account, that might rise in value.

But, overall, Kamala delivered this answer in a low-key and calm manner. She’s clearly learned from the Obama example. Keep the anger out of your voice, keep talking about how much you care, and slip in the lies between those aspects of your message. Do it with a smile. When Obama did that, he was well-received. When he stepped out of that mode, people listened more to what he said, rather than the mushy feels.

Kamala is a work-in-progress. She is NOT ‘ready for the job’, so has been sent out of the country, where she will be shown on the news in carefully curated news bites. It’s the seasoning that, normally, candidates get in their travels around the country, during campaign season. Both Covid, and her own decision to quit before coming in last, kept her from that process.

She has the added advantage of being reasonably good-looking. Your taste in woman may differ, but she generally makes a good appearance, dressing conservatively, but clearly displaying that she is a female, wearing her hair long and loose, and having a voice that, while not all that great, is not harsh or screechy. So, yeah, men will tend to respond to her appeal.

I just saw this video, and thought it was a good explanation of what is REALLY going on with BBB.