The following is an outstanding comment by Sushi on the Moon of Alabama website on whether the present United States government is capable of perceiving certain stark new realities, identifying and assessing options for dealing with them, or prioritizing possible responses. (Those stark new realities are discussed in the article upon which he comments.)

Obsessing about troops who won’t agree to questionable, marginally-effective gene therapy and weeding out Crimethink in the ranks of the military suggest that it is not. I doubt we can summon up enough strategic common sense to fill a Starbucks coffee cup. If any surgeon handled a gall bladder removal like the senior officers of the U.S. military handled the Afghanistan departure s/he could contemplate a future career as a part-time Zamboni driver but that Afghan train wreck came and went with not one general’s head on a pole. Five buck sergeants could have gotten the job done competently. With one day’s notice.

Comment by Sushi:

Russia has issued an ultimatum. Essentially a re-run of the Cuban Missile crisis but with a reversal of the adversary positions.

A few caveats – the US was unaware Russia had viable nuclear missile systems present in Cuba. The US administration believed these missile systems were en-route. They were acting to prevent their arrival and installation.

The world perched on the brink of nuclear conflict. Not only did the USSR have the capacity for a pre-emptive strike but, in an associated incident, a USSR submarine Captain believed he was under attack by US ASW vessels and was about to defend. His defensive response had the potential to unleash the maelstrom both major powers sought to avoid.

The question to be asked and answered is “Does the present Biden administration have the capacity to understand its present position?”

The answer to this question must take cognizance of the fact elements of the US government waged war on a newly elected president and did all in their power to deny him the opportunity to govern.

Elements of the US government, aided by techno-capitalists, misled the US public and created conditions conducive to putting a befuddled octogenarian in the White House.

The same US government has undermined scientific endeavour and the medical profession while combating a pandemic. The same US government demonstrates an incapacity for fiscal reality. The same US government insists on prosecuting persons such as Julian Assange, and others, who revealed US indiscriminate killing of civilians, facts only recently being published in the NYT. The same US government is undertaking a series of show trials of persons who committed misdemeanour trespass on January 6th, an event which gives evidence of government malfeasance and/or entrapment.

We will ignore for the moment the entirety of woke-ism, a political philosophy which suggests persons of one skin colour can kill, cause millions in property damage, attack state institutions, and run riot, but be applauded for it, but if you defend against such behaviour and your skin colour is different you will face capital charges.

Does anyone honestly believe the government outlined above has the intellectual competency to understand they may be looking down the barrels of a hypersonic nuclear shotgun?[1]

For background I strongly recommend Gilbert Doctorow’s piece[2] about what Russia is laying on the table. It is taking a position identical to the one the U.S. itself took during the Cuban Missile Crisis, namely that nuclear missiles installed by a hostile power just a stone’s throw from our borders were simply intolerable. Oblivious as ever, NATO the U.S. thinks the Russians should tolerate on their borders what we would not on ours.

Russia has now made it crystal clear that they will not tolerate idiocy, or worse, in or impacting affecting their legitimate sphere of influence. As Vladimir Putin observed at the Munich Security Conference in February 2007:

“It turns out that NATO has put its frontline forces on our borders, and we continue to strictly fulfill the treaty obligations and do not react to these actions at all. I think it is obvious that NATO expansion does not have any relation with the modernization of the Alliance itself or with ensuring security in Europe. On the contrary, it represents a serious provocation that reduces the level of mutual trust. And we have the right to ask: against whom is this expansion intended? And what happened to the assurances our western partners made after the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact? Where are those declarations today? No one even remembers them.”[3]

Those are reasonable questions. For which our Klown Kar Establishment has no answers.

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