The Next Great Migration

In this guy’s case, from SF to Miami.

He is eloquent about the problems of urban hellholes from the perspective of upper middle class residents (He doesn’t say whether he is a citizen or a resident; he does refer to his South Asian heritage). His prior enjoyment of his SF environment was relatively superficial, and that of a “world citizen” – diverse foods, interesting conversations, entertainment, outdoor avocations, and, of course, access to the entrepreneurial tech businesses.

He doesn’t mention family. He even admits that he has many superficial acquaintances, but few friends. In his move to Miami, he is trading one interchangeable location for another.

He boasts about the more affordable housing and cost of living, the diversity of the food and atmosphere (gee, where have I heard that before?), and the ability to escape any threat of hurricanes or other calamities with ease. What he doesn’t mention is how HIS presence helps that community. There is no excitement about what HE can contribute to the well-being of his new city, other than his influx of cash.

Not the kind of neighbor I’d want around me.

These Itinerant Global Elites – so common in American life today – will gladly suck out the flavor of their new – and temporary – homes, but be perfectly willing to move on after the grazing fields are barren, the mines played out, and the easy cash no longer be available. It’s the same old song the old Imperialist Colonials used to sing – in India, in Southeast Asia, in China and nearby, in Africa – Kenya, South Africa, Rhodesia, et al. Come in, spread a bit of cash around to pacify the Natives, then haul off when your contribution to bleeding them dry, while allowing corruption and graft to buy off the Native Elite has reduced the country/region to a hellhole that your Elite Status can no longer insulate you from.

Then, boarding your escape vehicles – planes, boats, cars, and helicopters – leave before the collapse, and blithely go to yet another promising piece of dirt. America is just another temporary Elite Haven, until it isn’t. Even better, you don’t have to worry about visas or passports, as it’s large enough to provide many new places to dominate, conquer, and ruin.

And, then, leave for the next.

We’ve made residency, and citizenship, too easy. Just plunk down the cash, let your lawyers handle the paperwork, and – quick as that! – you’re in a country that has few barriers to wealth and influence for non-citizens, few restrictions on ownership of media, vital industries, or land, and will not even require military service or other sacrifice of self.

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    • David on December 31, 2021 at 2:56 PM

    Sounds like he’s going to be a real asset to his new location </sarcasm>. Can’t really call it his community, because he’s made it clear that it’s nothing more than the latest place he’ll be parking his car.

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