Ok, more pearls of expression.

For some wily performers, it was almost a point of honour to get away with insulting their opponents in the House without the use of ‘unparliamentary language’. So, when Disraeli was instructed to withdraw his allegation that ‘half the Cabinet were knaves’, he consented and replied that ‘half the Cabinet were not knaves’.

Do read the article. The video of the Dutch member of parliament, Gideon van Meijeren, taking on PM Rutte is priceless.

Oh, for a firebrand like Gideon!” By Janice Davis, The Conservative Woman, 1/24/22.

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  1. WOW! Mr. van Meijeren, if you ever get tired of the Netherlands, please consider immigrating to the United States! We could use you and a thousand more like you!

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