Rise Of The PAT

     My admiration for Tucker Carlson grows daily:

     Carlson has nailed a key, if largely unnoticed, development: the rise of the Passive-Aggressive Tyrant. Justin Trudeau qualifies. Though a figurehead rather than an actual president, Joe Biden qualifies. Are there others in the First World? Emmanuel Macron, perhaps? I await the evaluations from European readers of Liberty’s Torch.

     The PAT hopes not to be recognized for what he is, i.e., a totalitarian with good manners. He wouldn’t impress a “traditional” tyrant. That sort screams, gesticulates, and pronounces all sorts of dooms upon his enemies…who, of course, are everywhere. People in high places! (Their names would astound you.) People in low places! (Hiding their activities beneath a cloak of poverty…)

     Ahem. Excuse me, Gentle Reader. I had a “moment” there, but it has passed. Anyway, the PAT is now an established figure in the Lowerarchy of contemporary politics. The great tyrants of yore might not fear losing their places to him, but he’s certainly something for us to beware. He has his reasons, you see. He tyrannizes us out of a sense of responsibility. He’s very sorry, but he has to take away your rights. It’s “for the good of the nation,” you see. And by skillful exploitation of his media alliances and his general politesse, he manages to seduce a fair number of otherwise sensible people into going along with him…just enough to give him the illusion of “the consent of the governed.”

     Tyranny executed with Canadian courtesy is no better than the sort exercised by a screamer in a funny uniform.

     Carlson notes that the very same sort of tyranny is already at work in these United States. We don’t equal Canada’s national Politeness Quotient. We swear a lot more, and besides, a lot of us carry guns. But deliberate abridgements of our rights have been taking place under a “public good” rationale since early in 2020. The people conducting those abridgements do so with sorrowful faces. They strive to assure us of the “necessity,” always with the sotto voce proviso that when the “emergency” ends, so will the abridgements.

     But they’re lying. Most of us know it now. Some of us knew it from the start.

     This is the trajectory of government. Every government, without exception, eventually degenerates into a tyranny. Whether through incompetence or crisis, a strongman will rise. He’s usually waiting in the wings for his chance.

     Don’t imagine that a political party will save you:

     “Even the iron hand of a national dictator is preferable to a paralytic stroke.” – Alf Landon, governor of Kansas and 1936 candidate for President, in a letter to newly elected president Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933

     “If this nation ever needed a Mussolini, it needs one now.” – David Reed, United States Senator of Pennsylvania, on the floor of the Senate, 1933

     Both the above men were Republicans.

     The Passive-Aggressive Tyrant is nevertheless a tyrant. Anarcho-tyranny is tyranny withal.

     Time to hunker down, Gentle Reader. But do read this Baseline Essay first.


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    • Hoagie on February 16, 2022 at 10:34 AM

    Another great (and repeatable) Porretto line: “Tyranny executed with Canadian courtesy is no better than the sort exercised by a screamer in a funny uniform.”

    I’ll be pasting that all over (noting the source).

    • K Carmichael on February 16, 2022 at 10:55 AM

    Ol Abe would be proud.

  1. Like many, I don’t actually support the GOP party infrastructure. My only use for it is as a ‘skin’ that I can put over myself, to leverage a take-over. I would be fine with ‘burning down the GOP barn’ after we clean house of Leftists (including those in the GOP).
    Start with:

    Starve the Beast – cut ALL programs that ‘give money back’ – those have been used to fund our destruction. Consolidate, move to the Inland parts of the country, and make background checks mandatory. BTW, use some OTHER source than the FBI for those security checks.
    Cut what remains, yes, including Defense and Commerce. Take the power to regulate currency out of the hands of the Fed. Turn over the functions of many departments or agencies to the states.
    I’d do a complete shutdown of the FBI. Bring in the US Marshalls to guard the physical locations (to prevent mass “accidental” burnings of paper), and shut off ALL access to current or former employees. Shut off external access until you can bring in some people that can be trusted. If that takes MONTHS, so be it. Bring in your own techs to figure out what they’ve been hiding.

    I’m going to be sharing this post with everyone I know.

    • enn ess on February 16, 2022 at 3:11 PM

    I’m no fan of any political party, but especially the democommie and republitard. Libertarians are lacking, and independents can’t get it together to be effective. All the rest, including the Constitution Party don’t have enough force to be effective to any degree. I’ve been of this belief since learning about political parties back in high school (0r earlier).
     With political parties , those who adhere and belong to those parties tend to vote along and support party values whether they are right or wrong and good for the country as a whole or not. Even the founders had their issue with each other, but they had the moxie to come to conclusions that benefited the citizens for the most part. Which is why they built in provisions to make it better through time as the country grew, deleting certain facets and adding other facets.
    We need persons of high moral value and integrity with impeccable honesty in our elected positions. We won’t find that in any party membership in todays world. They seemingly only run for office to enrich their bank accounts and project their image as all powerful and important. And we have allowed them to get away with their false set of values. None of them realize that through my life, and your life whether you realize it or not, have never needed their input, permission, or approval. I live my life as best I can by the laws and rights God endowed me, and everyone else at birth, And only He can take them away.

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