One Melody, One Rhythm, One Agenda

     It’s Ukraine all day, these days. You can hardly go to the corner store for milk without hearing some talking head blustering about Ukraine. Congress is feverishly debating how to help the Ukrainians resist the Russian invaders. Elected officials of both parties bloviate endlessly about Ukrainian sovereignty and the evil of Vladimir Putin. And of course Ukrainian flag images litter social media.

     So…Ukraine. What can we do? No: not about helping the valiant Ukrainian people to resist Vlad the Conqueror. What can we do to put a stop to the unceasing Ukraine-flogging around us? It’s threatening to give me a massive Ukraine migraine.

     Of course, the most significant aspect of this is what the drums aren’t pounding out: all the little bits of political sleight-of-hand going on as we speak, while our attention is on Ukraine. Keeping our attention on Ukraine – say, hasn’t it been the pinnacle of military wisdom for about five centuries to stay out of land wars in Asia? — allows the Usurper Regime a free hand to destroy what remains of our economy, our institutions, and our rights as individuals. And brother, they are busily at work at all three.

     As usual, the more telling the development, the less likely it is to get media attention. Consider this item from a couple of days ago:

     Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin will oppose President Joe Biden’s nomination of Sarah Bloom Raskin to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, ending a standoff over the Obama Treasury Department official’s status.

     Bloom Raskin, the wife of Democratic Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin, is an advocate for using the Federal Reserve to promote green energy policy, which would mark a dramatic departure from the central banking system’s dual mandate of maintaining maximum employment and keeping inflation in check. The Biden administration promoted Bloom Raskin’s nomination as contributing to “bring long overdue diversity” at the Federal Reserve. She has also served as a Duke University law professor and on the board of a major financial services provider. [Emphasis added by FWP.]

     Why on earth would a supposed financial expert make “green energy policy” the center of her agenda for the Federal Reserve Board? It makes no sense whatsoever…but there it is. As of this morning, Raskin has withdrawn her candidacy, but the significance of her nomination remains huge…and essentially undiscussed.

     There have been other straws in the wind: The Atlantic mumbling about what effect a “small” nuclear war would have on “climate change;” our armed forces’ insane emphasis on “diversity” and “gender identity” while they continue to persecute soldiers who refuse The Jab; the Usurper-in-Chief’s repeated insistence that high fuel prices are the doing of Vladimir Putin; Congress’s stealthy grab of a huge pay increase in the most recent appropriations bill; the sealing-off of the District of Columbia against private citizens; and so forth. In aggregate, what could they mean other than that our high officials don’t want us to know what they’re really doing?

     “Don’t look there; look over here!” is the prestidigitator’s meat and drink. It’s a tough trick to beat for several reasons. In politics, the press is supposed to provide a countermeasure. It hasn’t done so for quite a few years now. That might be the most frightening aspect of this whole sorry mess.


     A couple of Gentle Readers have noticed that my pieces here have been trending shorter. I’ve noticed, too. There’s just as much to rant and rave about as ever, but my ability to fulminate at length about any of it is declining. I’ve been having regular attacks of what’s the use? It’s a malady my Primary Care Provider can’t prescribe a pill for.

     It doesn’t help that I’ve barely been able to sleep lately. But that might yet pass.

     If you haven’t yet started stockpiling against an economic crash, you’d better get to it. If you haven’t yet armed yourself adequately to defend your property, your loved ones, and yourself, the time is now. And if you haven’t yet acted to protect at least a part of your savings against the torrent of inflation the Usurpers have inflicted on us, all I can say is that I warned you. Opportunities to do any of those things under favorable terms are dwindling. Meanwhile, as the COVID hysteria fades, the Usurpers are sharpening their “emergency” and “national security” tools for the reimposition of de facto martial law, this time with the war in Ukraine as their rationale.

     Apologies, Gentle Reader. I never meant to be a Debbie Downer. Perhaps I’ll be in a better frame of mind tomorrow. Keep the faith.