What Is The Diminutive Of “Snark?”

     Occasionally, I experience a spike of irritation that briefly deflects my train of though onto a semi-humorous side track. I think that henceforward I’ll indulge myself at such times. Like just a moment ago.

     Here’s “how it goes” in this Year of Our Lord 2022;

Speaker 1: Why aren’t your pronouns in your profile?
Speaker 2: Oh, sorry. Just an unintended omission. They’re he / him / his.
Speaker 1: Thanks. I wouldn’t want to misgender you.
Speaker 2: I know how easy it can be.

     But here’s “how it went” only a few years ago:

Speaker 1: Why aren’t your pronouns in your profile?
Speaker 2: Because I don’t concern myself with the obsessions of lunatics.
Speaker 1: What? You don’t care if I –
Speaker 2: I’m simply leaving it to you. Trusting your eyesight and judgment. You decide how you’ll refer to me, and I’ll decide whether to punch you in the nose. Clear enough for you?

     After sober consideration, I think I prefer the earlier custom. Strangely enough, there were fewer bloody noses per capita back then. More than coincidence?


    • Snarklelicious on March 26, 2022 at 5:54 PM

    I’m not a linguist.

  1. The pronouns by which I refer to myself are “I/me.” The pronoun by which I wish to be addressed is “you.” I am reasonably certain that anyone speaking about me can figure out which third-person pronoun is appropriate.

    If someone asks me what my gender is, my response is “masculine.”

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