Some Fiction News

     While I’ve had my novels at Amazon in the “KDP select” system for some time, it hasn’t done anything for the expansion of my readership. Therefore, I’ve decided to slough “KDP Select” status, so I can distribute more widely than just through Amazon.

     I’ve just resubmitted all 19 of my novels to Smashwords:

The Realm of Essences Series:
Chosen One
On Broken Wings
Shadow of a Sword

The Spooner Federation Saga:
Which Art In Hope
Freedom’s Scion
Freedom’s Fury

The Futanari Saga:
The Athene Academy Collection
The Wise and the Mad
In Vino

The Aeolian Fantasies:
The Warm Lands

Other Novels:
The Sledgehammer Concerto
Love in the Time of Cinema
The Discovery Phase

     They should appear at Barnes & Noble and other ebook retailers as Smashwords clears them for Premium status. I’ll release all my future novels both at Smashwords and Amazon. I hope this is good news to those of you who avoid Amazon, whatever your reasons.

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    • Fan Man on April 9, 2022 at 8:42 AM

    I was glad to see you list them all and was prepared to go over to smashwords and get some …

    Then I noticed that I already had them all.  Keep up the good work

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