Concerning Grooming

     As a follow-on to yesterday’s rant, ponder well this article by Thomas Lifson. It and the other items it links will reinforce your fears.

     Yes, it is happening.
     Yes, there’s a lot of it.
     Yes, it’s across the nation.

     If your children are in a government school, they are not safe from it. Do not imagine that any political force, regardless of the label it wears, will protect them. They have a single line of defense: you.

     Verbum sat sapienti.

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    • NITZAKHON on April 14, 2022 at 8:07 AM

    I would love to home school.  Unfortunately the financial situation does not permit it, and… the wife doesn’t see things as a problem.


    The problem with my “mail order” bride is a lack of vetting before she moved here.  Never mind my faith waking up after we were married, in general there are lots of things about her which I wish I’d known before.

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