The Educracy’s Pincers Are Closing

     Only the day before yesterday, I wrote:

     The escalation in the cost of living, which includes rapidly rising levels of taxation, is making it ever more difficult for families with minor children to forgo public schooling. Just to maintain a decent suburban standard of living practically requires two incomes. There are exceptions; certain categories of professionals and business owners can afford for one spouse to eschew wage earning. But they are relatively few, and under pressures of other sorts as well.

     It calls to mind the great Terry Gilliam’s movie Brazil, in which literally everything and everyone has been corralled into a fully centralized totalitarian state. The use of services other than those provided by the State is forbidden. We’re not at that point yet. Nominally, parents are still free to choose their children’s form of schooling. But that latitude has been deeply eroded by the rising cost of living and Americans’ huge tax burdens.

     Those “indirect” methods of corralling our kids into the government’s schools have been highly effective. Still, they had a virtue of sorts: at least the alternatives of private schooling and homeschooling remain legal. But there are people and influences who seek to change that:

     As the debate over parental involvement in education continues, a new UN report suggests more regulation needs to be placed on those opting to homeschool their children.

     In the United Nations’ latest “Global education monitoring report” for “2021/2” titled “non-state actors in education: who chooses? who loses?” the global organization suggests that a stricter regulatory system needs to be implemented to ensure that there is uniformity in what children are taught, regardless of where or by whom they are educated.

     According to the UN report, the presence of “non-state actors” in education, which refers primarily to educators in the private schooling sector but also mentions parents involved in homeschooling, promotes “inequity” and “privilege,” and therefore the solution is for governments to consolidate “all” education into a “single system.”

     The UN claims that the rise in homeschooling rates is the result of “advocacy by a global conservative movement” and accuses homeschooling environments of “exacerbating gender imbalances” and negatively impacting the employment rates of “mothers but not fathers.”

     “Who Chooses? Who Loses?” Eh? It’s plain that the global state-run educracy, which has achieved nearly total dominance everywhere but these United States, feels threatened by American homeschoolers. Homeschooled kids are regularly better educated and better behaved than government-schooled kids. That’s bad enough – the educrats do hate being “shown up” – but worse, homeschooled kids aren’t being force-fed the approved attitudes toward the Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnibenevolent State! They seem able to assess evidence and draw conclusions on their own. They reject having the approved responses spoon-fed to them!

     Clearly, this must not be permitted to continue. Millions of rice bowls are wobbling as we speak!

     There are so many giveaways in the snippet above that the authors of the “report” should be embarrassed by their own transparency:

  • “Non-state actors.” (Hissss)
  • “Uniformity.” (Boooo!)
  • “Inequity.” (Growwwlll.)
  • “Privilege.” (SNARL!)
  • “Gender imbalances.” (ROAR!!)
  • And most sinister of all, the “global conservative movement.” (Thousands of simultaneous nuclear explosions!!!)

     UNESCO has always been a pernicious force, but this is a new stride “forward” for it. What will come of it? Unclear. But you can bet your bottom dollar that the American educracy will embrace this report with its full might, and will use it to promote increasingly demanding restrictions on who may homeschool his children, in what sort of environment, using what curricula, and with what degree of government supervision.     Be vigilant. The hour is late. Worse, the educrats have excelled at pushing their agendas through state and local legislatures without anyone being the wiser. We the Hoi Polloi seldom learn of their machinations until nothing can be done about them.

     If you have school-age children, keep them out of the government schools.


    • David Spence on April 22, 2022 at 9:41 AM

    I barf just thinking about how we were made to collect for UNICEF in the early 60’s.

    • Steve Walton on April 22, 2022 at 10:59 AM

    I have always told homeschooling parents that they are one signature away from being legally prohibited from teaching their children. This, in my opinion, would be equivalent to simply carting their children away, never to be seen again.

    Are we ever going to fight back, dammit? We are being strangled and we aren’t even glancing away from the TV set.

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