Before I Proceed…

     …to the other business of the day, I must recommend this article to my Gentle Readers. It concerns a minor matter with which you might even be personally acquainted: broken ice-cream machines at McDonald’s:

     When you order ice cream, you don’t want to hear “We’re out” or “It’s broken,” yet it has been happening so often across the United States in recent years that it became somewhat of a cultural meme that spawned considerable media interest. Reports indicate that up to a quarter of McDonald’s ice cream machines are not operational at any given time.

     Ice cream sales make up 3% of total McDonald’s sales (over $22 billion annually), amounting to about a quarter of a billion dollars a year. If the company is losing out on roughly 25% of that, we have a $56 million question on our hands every year.

     Interesting stuff, eh? Mind you, $56 million is a lot of money even in counterfeit bills. No executive worth his annual bonus would wave it aside as too little to trouble himself over. So what’s going on?

     The author of the article has a thesis. Many won’t like it. But it’s both well supported by the patterns and consistent with other developments of our times. And it has nothing to do with “culture.”

     I await your thoughts.


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    • steve on May 6, 2022 at 6:52 AM

    Good Morning. I tried to post that cited article on my face book page… wouldn’t let me….said it was spam.


    That’s rich!!! Even the bots are cheering on the demise of American culture!!

    1. Facebook probably received complaints about it prior to your attempt. It doesn’t matter that the facts are available to anyone who wants them. You can’t make a factual observation that reflects badly on American Negroes without drawing detractors, denouncers, and attackers. Facebook’s “user safety” cadre jumps on anything of the sort as soon as it’s reported.

    • Jim in VA on May 6, 2022 at 7:03 AM

    I can agree with 100%.  I’ve traveled up and down the east coast numerous times being stationed in AL or GA, then driving to see immediate family in the Adirondacks of NY.  The road food I’ve consumed clearly supports the thesis of this writing.  It’s a sad state of affairs.  The only remaining outpost of clean, well run restaurants is out in CO.  Had to stay in Loveland for a time and ate at a place called Culver’s.  Imagine a spotless place that was very busy inside and out, staffed by all WHITE high school kids.  It was absolutely amazing. Things can still be done correctly but in the end, it’s staffing with either white kids that will build your business or everything else that will destroy it.

    Why do you think diversity restaurants insist upon clear trash bags?

  1. Staffing is a major problem in Black neighborhoods. Worse, most of the females will also have child care responsibilities, and have to leave on time. That. Eans the manager may HAVE to leave and trust to the employee’s ability to clean and reassemble the machine.

    Lotsa luck with that. Even if the kid WANTS to do a good job, it’s not easy. The corporation should post their videos online, that take them, step by step through the process. Attach a bar code to the machine that takes the employee to that video via their phone. Set up and interactive app that helps the employee to reach someone who can help them through the process.

    Offer a bonus for employees that master the process, and additional bonuses for those that help other employees reach that level.

    • MC on May 6, 2022 at 4:22 PM

    In Amarillo yesterday at  a Denny’s (raodtrip stop). Out of hamburger and steak. Shortages are real.




    • crankyoldcoot on May 7, 2022 at 1:29 PM

    “If you’re looking for a house and want to know if it’s a “good neighborhood,” go to the local fast-food places and see if the ice cream machine is working or not and who is staffing the restaurants. If they can’t keep the ice cream machine running, they won’t be able to keep the schools nice or the property values up, either. It’s an early tell-tale sign of decay.”

    Good advice. However, in the cities, ALL the fast food joints are staffed by that demographic or soon will be. There used to be a “good” McDonalds in the good part of town which we would sometimes visit and it was known to be a good one because it was always busy. Well, it’s gone to hell just like all the rest of them.

    On the flip side there is a tiny Chinese family-run restaurant which is consistently excellent because the whole family works there and they have pride in their product. Culture matters.

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