Just ONE Example…

…of how far the Left will go to achieve their goals.

These were individuals working at the local level to express their concerns in a public forum, about the direction that the school system was taking in a variety of issues – CRT, curriculum, parental input into school board decisions, etc.

For that effort, they were investigated, their personal information (including some quantities of misinformation) spread about, PICTURES OF THEIR MINOR CHILDREN left on a publicly accessible Google Drive, confidential district information used to pressure them to shut up – it’s truly unbelievable just how extensive the effort to silence the school board’s critics was. Read the whole complaint at the link.

BTW, this link came from the excellent Robert Zimmerman at Behind the Black. Bookmark his blog, as it’s worth following.

Now, how does that affect you and I?

First, be cautious about who you ‘friend’ on social media. In this case, and so many others, phony accounts have been created for the purpose of smearing opponents with association with “racists, homophobes, and terrorists”. I do use some social media – primarily to keep up with family and close friends – but, in light of this, I’m planning on spending some time disassociating myself from third-tier ‘friends’ – friends of friends.

I don’t believe that I’ll miss all that much. If you want to monitor what is being said about you, try Twitter. You can follow people without having to identify them as a friend (Liberals of Tik-Tok has done that). It should improve now that Musk has bought it – we HOPE.

Second, it probably wouldn’t hurt to check your financial information and other reputational records, particularly if you have a common name, as I do. These records can become intertwined with other’s info. I learned that when, years ago, I wanted to set up a plan to spread payments over several months, and was told that I couldn’t use my husband’s income, as I was divorced.

I was mildly amused, and responded by saying that I was, at that time, a few months pregnant with my HUSBAND’S child, so, I was PRETTY sure that I wasn’t divorced. They checked again, and found that my sister-in-law’s records had been entertwined with mine (three of us, all with the same first name, had married the eldest 3 brothers).

We already knew my husband’s information had been co-mingled with his same-name father’s – my father-in-law had carried around his son’s license in his wallet for months, after the renewal was delivered to his address. My husband only discovered it when he complained about it being delayed, and my father-in-law checked.

It actually was YEARS before we finally persuaded the credit check companies to eliminate the wrong info. Fortunately, my in-laws had excellent credit, so it didn’t hurt our record.

A few years ago, I noticed that a house we had looked at, and actually put a deposit on, was listed as ours. We had made the offer contingent on a good inspection, which it failed. But the information, based on a credit check of our ability to pay for the house, was entered, and never corrected, until I put in a protest. There were a few other errors, too.

Last, continue to check. Make sure that disputes with government are resolved, and – most importantly – that you keep all documentation. You would be amazed just how long bad info sticks around.


    • Jimmy on May 12, 2022 at 1:25 PM

    When my wife and I bought our first house in 1987, they had my credit mixed up with another guy.  Fortunately, his credit was excellent.
    I refused to fix anything, told them that I didn’t own a house when I was 14 years old.  They told me I had to fix all this in writing.  Went to the closing, and wrote on a piece of paper, “The credit report is totally wrong, I am right.”  Got the house. 
    While I understand where you are coming from, at this stage of my life, I couldn’t care less what is in my credit report.  Didn’t really care back then either, but we have always paid cash for everything, so it hasn’t been a problem.  I’m not on any social media either, and never have been.

    • TRX on May 14, 2022 at 10:06 AM

    These records can become intertwined with other’s info.

    I also have a common name.  Back in the 1980s the local police used a very simple computer system to keep track of arrest warrents.  Whoever wrote it made the newbie mistake of assuming all names are unique.
    Alas, of the five others in my area sharing the same first and last name (apparently the system didn’t use the middle name) *all* of them were “known to the police”.  Two were convicted felons and the other three were “frequent flyers.”
    Back then the ATF required a local LEO or judge sign-off on a machine gun transfer.  I was waiting for the chief of police to sign when a herd of cops crowded into his office, sure they’d nailed an outstanding warrant right in the Chief’s office…

  1. Now, how does that affect you and I?

    Linda, Linda, Linda! Would you ever, in your darkest hour, write “Now, how does that affect I?” Hmmm?

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