No, It Wasn’t A Hoax

     Some just couldn’t believe it. They were sure it’s some kind of put-on. But it’s really happening, Gentle Reader. “They” are doing their damnedest to normalize pedophilia. If you need more evidence, here it is:

     Johns Hopkins University has hired a female-to-male transgender academic who has called for pedophilia to be “destigmatized.” Despite her comments, Walker has been granted a new position at the Johns Hopkins’ Moore Center for Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse.

     I added the emphasis. But wait: There’s more!

     Last November, Walker sparked outrage after suggesting that child predators be referred to as “minor attracted people” or MAP instead of “pedophiles.” Walker argued that such language would “lessen the stigma.”

     Walker also published a book titled “A Long, Dark Shadow: Minor Attracted People and Their Pursuit Of Dignity” which “challenges widespread assumptions” that so-called MAPs are “predators” and “sex offenders.”

     In addition, Walker once said that “people can be attracted to children without acting on that impulse.” The Johns Hopkins professor has long argued that pedophilia occurs naturally and that child predators should not be labeled “immoral.”

     Does anyone in the audience know this…person’s sexual inclinations?

     I’m sitting here on the edge of shock. I’ve encountered a fair amount of ugly and shameful behavior in my seven decades. I’d thought I was aware of the extent of the human tragicomedy. But these past few years have convinced me that I’m still a relative innocent. Possibly a total rube.

     When do the tarrings and featherings start? Who’s got the torches and pitchforks? In the name of God, what are we waiting for?


    • George Mckay on May 16, 2022 at 7:23 AM

    Well Francis the right, for the most part, obeys the law.  The left bends it as far as possible because the law is a construct of the vile, sexist, racist, misogynistic imperialists who need to be destroyed.  The left wants absolute power and the only way that can be obtained is through threats, intimidation, subterfuge and lies.

    I would be in the protest or whatever you call it to help this “enlightened professor” into the promised land.  He and his ilk do not belong in a civilized nation let alone among civilized people.  This type of vile, disgusting behavior or the condoning and encouraging of same MUST be treated harshly and quickly.

    Sadly, in our Republic we have allowed the vermin to rule the roost for far too long.  I see coming armed insurrection the likes of which has not been on these shores in over 250 years.  It is inevitible and must be quick, violent and absolute.

    I weep for the millions of lost babies and hope the Mothers who had them butchered for “convenience” take great pause and realize that life is precious and the wanton butchering of these gifts of God is wrong and must be stopped.



    • NITZAKHON on May 16, 2022 at 7:42 AM

    Nobody wants to bell the cat.

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