Is Anyone Sincerely Surprised?

     Honestly, now:

     The Wuhan Institute of Virology assembled a monkeypox virus genome, allowing the virus to be identified through PCR tests, using a method researchers flagged for potentially creating a “contagious pathogen,” The National Pulse can reveal.

     The study was first published in February 2022, just months before the latest international outbreak of monkeypox cases which appear to have now reached the United States.

     The paper, which was authored by nine Wuhan Institute of Virology researchers and published in the lab’s quarterly scientific journal Virologica Sinica, also follows the wide-scale use of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests to identify COVID-19-positive individuals….

     The unearthed study follows the Wuhan Institue of Virology conducting similar research into strains of bat coronaviruses that could infect humans while admitting its facilities lacked proper laboratory safety protocols.

     No legitimate explanation for the recent scare-porn about monkeypox can omit an investigation in depth of that lab. There’s been ample reason to do so for two years already.


    • George Mckay on May 23, 2022 at 6:15 AM

    Oh my Lord, here we go again.  Problem is this time people are wise to the tactics and the scare tactics will not be as effective again.  Oh, there will be some who toe the line and won’t make waves but, nowhere near the number as covid-porn caused.

    Monkeypox is not truly dangerous – it generally does not kill – merely causes nasty looking pocks and some malaise.

    Francis, they really need to find some better lies to effuse into the populace.  Are they really running out of ideas?   May God help us if that is the case.  Hitler’s lies only worked for so long.  Stalin did not give a damn who believed in the cause – there were millions of pliant Russians.  Mao had lots of cannon fodder for his plans.  Our only saving grace is the second amendment.

    Buy guns and ammo – lots of each.

    1. Monkeypox is not truly dangerous – it generally does not kill…

      That was also the case with the Kung Flu / Chinese Lung Rot / COVID-19. The “authorities” succeeded in panicking us all into self-abasement and isolation even after the facts were ready to hand. Fear is powerful, especially when wielded through our Legacy Media. Beware!

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