Stop nagging me already

The iPad sends me Apple “news” aimed to keep readers in a soft fact-free bubble of leftist pieties, and I’m too stupid to figure out how to shut it off, so I just ignore it. My browser puts up pretty background pictures but has to add a few words in the middle of the picture, often advising me how to be less racist or something of that sort. Amazon shows me a list of “Books for Pride Month” as soon as I open the Kindle app.

But Scribd, you’ve gone too far.
I use you as a source for out-of-print reference and history books that haven’t yet made it to Google Books. Why did you think I’d be interested in a list of 48 audiobooks? Especially when your squibs for more than a third of the books marked them as things I wouldn’t listen to with somebody else’s ears?

“both a faithful retelling [of Pride and Prejudice] and an original take on sexism, racism, and classicism”

“this queer, gender-swapped retelling of the medieval tale of Percival and the Holy Grail…”

“this ode to queer Afrofuturism…”

Need I go on?

There were more than enough of these little gems to convince me that whoever collated the list was more interested in beating me over the head with his wokeness than with recommending books any sane person could read without throwing up. Which, to my mind, invalidates the entire list.

Please, please, all you virtue-signaling propaganda pushers, just cut it the eff out. You’re making me permanently cranky. Worse, you’re deforming a generation of writers; how many beginning writers are forcing their books into woke molds because they see that as the way to get recognition and recommendations? It’s a small thing, I suppose, compared to all the other ills brought by this regime. But I liked fiction, and I hate watching it march into the fires of Mordor.


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    • Univ of Saigon 68 on June 5, 2022 at 4:40 PM

    Kind of reminds me of a NetFlix series I started watching: Bridgerton. It (in Season 2) is the most watched NetFlix English language show, set in Regency London, where the upper crust competes to marry off their daughters to other upper crust nobles. The most eligible bachelor just happens to be a black guy who’s a duke, or count, or something. They are pitching it as a fanciful retelling of history, where all the races intermingle, and nobody notices.

    Sorry, I just couldn’t get past the most class-conscious, snobbish people in the world all trying to get their daughters hitched to a negro, of all things. I know every movie, commercial, corporation, political party has to have a diversity quota these days, but I couldn’t get past episode 2.

  1. These days, it seems that every show is required to have:
    1. An interracial couple — and only white + black qualifies;
    2. A homosexual couple, preferably male + male;
    3. If there’s a science / techno geek, that must be a black, and preferably female.

    Crap like this is a significant part of why I terminated my TV service.

      • Steve Walton on June 5, 2022 at 11:47 PM

      Whatever you do, don’t watch Star Trek Discovery. They have finally, completely, wrecked one of the three existing major science fiction franchises. They just can’t help stuffing the gay relationship into your face in every episode. Most of the major characters are black or asian females (in the first season, the only white male turned out to be the evil bad guy). Everyone spends their time emoting, even as things blow up around them. They travel the universe instantaneously on the backs of mushroom spores (not kidding!) and they have a pet tardigrade the size of a rhinoceros.

      It finally occurred to me in the second season why the plots and writing seemed familiar: old Saturday morning cartoons! I’ve taken to calling the cast “heroes in a half shell” to keep my wife cracked up.

      And I hear that their latest series is even worse…

  2. And yet Top Gun Maverick, thankfully, had none of that.And is a huge hit.

    • John in Indt on June 5, 2022 at 5:49 PM

    You say “deforming avgeneration of writers” as if that is not their intention.
    I wish that was SARC, but i fear it is not.
    On the subject of fesr and history, the Hungry Times were traditionally late Winter through early Spring, when stored foods had run out, and Spring crops were not yet edible. 
    Sorry about that, you greedy hoarders, Kulaks, and wreckers, it is for the “Greater Good (TM)”.
    John in Indy

      • Margaret Ball on June 5, 2022 at 8:41 PM

      I am quite sure that is exactly their intention.

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