Deliberate destruction.

Food production and the fossil fuel industries are not the only ones on the globalists’ chopping block. Last weekend I was invited to a zoom call with the German firebrand “MEP Christine Anderson.”
who gave us a brief report about the recent vote in the EU parliament to extend the Covid pass requirement for another year. The parliament voted in favor of the extension in plenary session in spite of the fact that the measure is wholly useless and unjustified – to say nothing of the fact that 99% of Europeans are opposed to it. Mrs. Anderson’s explicit assessment on the matter was that EU’s democracy is a sham and a fraud. The plenary never debated the measure – they simply took the vote. Why the majority of MEPs voted in favor is entirely a mystery, and a sinister one at that.

But perhaps the most interesting and unexpected part of the 3 hour long call was about the airline industry. Three of the participants on the call had deep inside knowledge of the airline industry (one of them a pilot) who said in no uncertain terms that the industry is now being systematically and deliberately demolished. Apparently, the ultimate purpose is to kill airline travel altogether.[1]

I’m not going to hide behind a demure “what the hell is going on?” post. I know what’s going on. The deliberate attempt to destroy the West is as plain as the nose on my face. And we’re talking Mt. Rushmore here.

The withdrawal from Afghanistan might be explained by rank incompetence. That said I can imagine what would have happened to me as an Army lieutenant if I had screwed up something as simple as a movement, not under fire, from A to B with 10 deuce and a halfs, a map, a radio, and 12 months to plan it out. I still don’t know who was “it” for conducting that particular Afghan tea party but he seems to have skated on over to his new assignment with no apparent damage done to his career.

So, maybe a screw up that was not punished for domestic political reasons. And that’s a big “maybe.” A general officer always has a hard-headed command sergeant major and a vigorous, competent operations officer to advise him about, in this case, truly massive movements of men and materiel. The task of cutting our losses and getting out of Dodge would have been uppermost in his and their practical minds and questions would have been asked of the commander seeking information about the broad outline of “The Plan.” More likely we saw something deliberately screwed up. I have too much respect of military training, procedures, and leadership principles to believe that the exact nature of the predictable disastrous withdrawal was not communicated by the commander up the chain . . . and ignored. Bidenism over West Point. Guaranteed.

This was a rather unfortunate sideshow to the overall all-units, all-jurisdictions, all-hands Klown Kavalcade now hoving into view these last few decades. And that Kavalcade beggars the imagination. I need not repeat my usual list of economic, social, monetary, spending, welfare, immigration, cultural, trade, educational, and diplomatic land mines, booby traps, and idiocies. Every decision in every area and every zip code, without fail, is the wrong one. As with the Afghanistan skeedaddle, it’s simply not possible for smart people to screw up with such regularity and all across the board if “git ‘er done” were the first principle and not some bizarre, sinister political agenda.

Sure. Janet Yellen thought that inflation is “transitory.”

So recall from your recent memory the astonishing way in which the Western world acted when faced with the recent “pandemic.” Was there ever a more authoritarian, destructive, anti-science, manufactured hysteria? The simple concept of risk-benefit analysis was completely abandoned and decisions that affected the lives and livelihoods of millions were taken as though a .2% mortality rate signaled the return of the Black Death. Clearly beneficial alternative treatments were anathematized and the clearly astonishing side effects of the “vaccines” were hidden, downplayed, or disguised. Dangerous drugs became part of the approved protocols and perverse . . . no, evil incentives were offered to all hospitals to misidentify Covid-19 as the culprit. Career ruin awaited experts who questioned the salvific “vaccines” now well known to be virtually useless and, arguably, extremely damaging. Ivermectin was characterized as something in the “eye of newt” category.

Now think of the Biden assault on fossil fuel exploration and production, the equally-dishonest climate change lie factory, the slobbering over electric vehicles, tiny houses, “alternative” enegy, hideous chemical and surgical mutilation of young, confused people, and the vicious attacks on white people, white culture, and the foundations of our country. Then think of the pointless, baseless, manufactured hostility to Russia and our insane efforts to bring down its government and destroy its economy, all with serious damage to ourselves. Then think of the rash of fires at American food production plants. Then of the bizarre, officially-sanctioned looting, arson, and murder of the summer of 2020. Random somethings? Or agenda-driven?

The author of the above passage sees something sinister in the EU lock-step extension of the Covid pass requirement. It’s not that hard to figure out. The founding of the EU was premised on the lie that “nationalism” rather than totalitarian government (informed by the monstrous lies of socialism) had been the cause of Europe’s woes in the first half of the century and that “globalism” was the righteous path for all to take in the future. The EU had to tread carefully at first but it can now be more overt in pursuing its authoritarian agenda that no European citizen signed onto. It started on a corrupt basis and now we see the result. Economic and cultural madness is the Order of the Day. The crazed importation of hate-filled, arrogant, unassimilable Muslims and other third-world primitives is just the lagniappe. I mean, really freaking unassimalable. Consider, while you’re at it, the loathsome E.U. member Frans Timmermans and his multicultural bullshit.[2]

You may already know my mantra: If you hated America (or your own Western country) and wanted to destroy it, what would you do differently from what is being done now by your own leaders? What about all our national governments is decent, kind, rational, patriotic, or constructive?

[1] “A small short? The coming collapse of the air travel industry.” By Akrainer, ZeroHedge, 7/2/22 (emphasis added).
[2] Ask yourself who decided that the future he adores is the only path? Why is wanting to have one’s own culture and nation such a corrupt, antiquated desire in his view?


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    • furball321 on July 3, 2022 at 2:08 PM

    Excellent piece, sir.

    1. Thank you kindly. I’m sober now. :–)

    • Georgiaboy61 on July 4, 2022 at 2:02 AM

    @ Francis P. [Col. B.]

    Re: “The withdrawal from Afghanistan might be explained by rank incompetence. That said I can imagine what would have happened to me as an Army lieutenant if I had screwed up something as simple as a movement, not under fire, from A to B with 10 deuce and a halfs, a map, a radio, and 12 months to plan it out.”

    How are you? I hope you are well in these trying times…

    To coin a phrase, if you believe that Biden’s unceremonious retreat from Afghanistan was not planned as it happened then I have a bridge to sell you! Biden and company want the public to believe that it was incompetence, but in this case, that’s a smoke screen and I can prove it.

    Biden was an insider during eight years of Obama, and Obama and his people “ran guns” – trafficked in weapons – on a number of occasions, and got away with it. The pilot project, so to speak, was “Fast and Furious” smuggling weapons (“Operation Gunwalker”)across the Mexican border in an attempt to discredit American firearm owners and dealers in the U.S. Done with the ATF and various other players, “Fast” cost Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry his life and a number of others… but when no one was held to account and the regime got away with it, they decided that they could take their to the next level.

    That level was trafficking in arms through Benghazi, Libya, and across the Middle East during the ‘Arab Spring’ uprising. After a coalition of nations led by the U.S. toppled Libyan strongman Colonel Muamar Gadaffi – the dictator was eventually hunted down and executed – the CIA and other intermediaries seized the weapons and ordnance which filled the former leader’s warehouses and began shunting them to war-torn Syria and other locations around the Middle East. Benghazi was a key transshipment point for these weapons.

    The now-famous attacks upon the diplomatic compound in that city, which resulted in the deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Foreign Service officer Sean Smith and security contractors Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, both of whom were former Navy SEALs and the subsequent cover-up were designed to hide the fact that Obama, Clinton et al. were running a large arms trafficking operation out of the compound.

    Rather than risk exposure of the fact that the U.S. government was looting arms from Gaddafi’s arms warehouses and funneling them to jihadists in Syria, the regime instead declined sending help to the besieged personnel when it would have saved their lives, and then lied about it afterward.

    The next fiasco was the sudden and unexpected retreat from Afghanistan, and the intentional abandonment of nearly a trillion dollars of high-tech gear, weapons, ammunition, and equipment – ranging from attack helicopters to night vision gear to small arms and air-to-air missiles. This betrayal of the U.S. & coalition servicemen in theater was bad-enough, but India – the largest democracy in the world and a nation whose friendship the U.S. ought to cultivate – was rightly enraged, since much of this largesse would fall into the hands of the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and the jihadists in Afghanistan and Pakistan. None of whom wish India well.

    Finally, we come full-circle to the Ukraine. Biden is handing out hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign aid to Zelensky and his government, and drawing down weapons stockpiles in U.S. armories in so doing. Leaving us dangerously depleted in certain key areas of our defense arsenal, such as Javelin anti-tank missiles.  And we are treated to the spectacle of the Ukrainians and their U.S. patrons literally giving away small arms to their people, while Biden and his people try to disarm ordinary Americans here at home.

    Within days of this huge mass of military aid being sent to Ukraine, some of the weaponry began showing up for sale on the dark net and in the black market. In other words, it was not even being used by the Ukraine, but had been stolen and was being sold in the underworld. Lovely.

    Obama, Biden, et al. will almost certainly never see the inside of a prison cell, which is where any normal person would be sent after being caught trafficking in arms internationally… because their positions of power give them a “get out of jail ‘free’ card” in perpetuity, but make no mistake, that’s precisely what they have done. The downstream costs to the U.S. and the Free World are still yet to be tallied, but these criminals posing as political leaders have already done an immense amount of harm to us. Of that, there is no doubt.

  1. That is an excellent short course in recent history. The resolute dismissal of all pleas to provide more security to the Benghazi consulate is one of the mysteries of the age. Along with, where Hillary and Barack O’Bama were that fateful night and who decided what. The real story of Gen. Ham’s actions needs explicating and I look forward one day to the memoirs of the rest of the Benghazi crew who were spirited out, disappeared, and sworn to silence.

    The arming of the Syrian opposition is another great mystery. Just why Assad became public enemy no. 1 in the scheme of things cannot be explained by examination of American interests and reasoning backward (forward?) to policy choices reasonably calculated to protect or advance them. If I were ever forced to live in the Arab world Syria’s the only civilized, tolerant place to be and so it’s especially sad to see the death and destruction there for which we are directly responsible.

    “Our” manufactured adoration of the Ukrainian train wreck and hatred of all things Russia evidences similar levels of stupidity and dishonesty. If only McCain were still around to show up various places and show who the real filth are by his loathsome proximity. We’ll just have to do with Miss Lindsey, I suppose.

    As I often say, watch out for the iron laws of arithmetic and if NADO and the Euroweenies want a taste of industrial warfare with the Russians they had best calculate before they start the presence or absence of an industrial capacity here at home to support the production of the vast quantity of munitions alone necessary to support, not to mention win, a conventional war.

    Of topic: Apparently Russian troops have learned in Ukraine that US electronic warfare capabilities are such that phones can be used to pinpoint troop concentrations. Ditching the phones did a lot to solve the problem of precise artillery strikes. This was their experience in the Georgian war as well.

    In Ukraine, all the US is providing is just prolonging the inevitable and there’s only so much that can be done with special operators and Canadian and Polish helpers. DOD and/or State seem to have realized, thankfully, that it would be a big mistake to intervene directly. The Russians are serious that the command structures of the NADO countries are at the top of their target list if the morons on our side want to up their game. And Putin did not suggest that the definition of “command structures” was to be read narrowly.

    Oh well. The Russians just need to stir the pot till the cold weather comes and the Europeans start to cry. If trade, industrial, and other energy problems don’t derail their pathetic posturing before then.

    I am well, thank you. My best to you.

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