Pearls of expression.

Oil Price[s] acts like [they’re] managed by Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Bill Gates, the Biden Regime, Lindsey Graham, the ghost of John McCain, and Greta Thunberg. [They are the result of] Russophobic, cheerlead[er]s for “green” “energy”, and [these cheerleaders are] consistently wrong about everything related to energy. Case in point:

Now the country [Germany] faces another problem, the rocketing cost of natural gas that results from the Ukraine war.

The Ukraine War did not cause gas prices to skyrocket. It was the result of the EU’s use of the conflict to fully “transition” to green energy despite not having a viable plan to do so. Acting as vassals of the GAE [Global American Empire], [the E.U. member states] imposed draconian sanctions against Russia not only because they are tributary states of the American Empire, but [because they are also] true believers in the “Liberal World Order” being advocated by the Biden Regime. The left’s stupidity, self-loathing, totalitarianism, pedophilia, infanticidism, transgenderism, hatred of Christianity, Socialism, climate change cultism, Gaia worship, etc. is what is going to lead to Europe’s long, dark winter.[1]

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The left was been responsible for unspeakable suffering and murder in the last century. In the present one, it is solely responsible for a public square that is degrading to all forced to endure it. The left’s enthusiastic and violent embrace of perversion, hypocrisy, and repression has gutted the concepts of normality, reason, and patriotism.

And not just in Europe.

[1] Comment by CryptoingTheLightFantastic comment on “Europe’s Big And Expensive Energy Mistake.”
By Leonard Hyman and William Tilles, ZeroHedge, 7/10/22.