No one commentator can cover everything. Some choose to specialize in one sort of news or development. Others relax and accept their discursive natures. But whatever one chooses to cover, learning to punch hard and strike a vital spot, without exhausting the reader’s patience, is essential. Sadly, it’s a skill I haven’t yet mastered.

     Ace has:

     Remember when I did another story, I think about Princeton University BIPOC teachers demanding higher pay and better benefits than white teachers? They also claimed that they were owed this due to the “emotional labor” of being a BIPOC in America.

     The SJW leftist racists are really serious about this. As I mentioned then, there’s this bizarre theory that they live in ambient racism, causing them to “do emotional labor,” which they should be compensated for. They further believe that if you disagree with this, that disagreement right there forces them to do “emotional labor,” which again, they should be compensated for.

     And incredibly, when they call you a racist and attempt to cancel you, you are forcing them to do that “emotional labor” — the “emotional labor” of “educating” you through racist punishment rituals– which, again, you guessed it, they should be paid for.

     The SJW Marxist Racists want to be paid for lots of things at work. So many things, in fact, that they don’t actually have to, you know, do any of the work they’ve theoretically been hired to perform.

     Savor it. I’ll be back later.