The Pacification

     My thoughts are more scattered than usual this morning, for a bevy of reasons my Gentle Readers would probably find uninteresting, excessively personal, or both. But when I sense that the floor of our national handbasket is being ripped away by flesh-eating zombies, such that the lake of bubbling lava below is plainly visible, I have to say something about it, however banal.

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     Wars are of many kinds. Some intend merely to assert a degree of influence over some nation or disputed territory. Others aim at the complete annihilation of the enemy nation. In between lie many other kinds, but just now I’m thinking about the war of conquest, wherein the regime of one nation seeks to destroy and replace the regime of its enemy.

     There have been a few such wars in post-Westphalian history. The Third Reich conducted such a war in Europe and against the Soviet Union. North Korea waged such a war against South Korea. And of course North Vietnam waged one against South Vietnam – the example of a successful war of that kind. Though there would be a good deal of argument over it, one could also say that the Union waged such a war against the Confederacy a century and a half ago.

     If the aggressor proves victorious, the phase after the military defeat of the target regime is pacification. The populace of the target must be persuaded, by whatever means, not to resist its conquerors. There are many aspects to this: control of communications media; suppression of partisan resistance; purchase of the loyalty of important national organizations; rooting-out of irredentists and using them as examples to “persuade” others to accept the new regime. The ultimate objects are the minds of the conquered people: Resistance is useless. Accept the new order. Any other course would be worse for you.

     The aftermath of a political coup has much in common with this progression.


     America has suffered a coup. That coup actually predates the stolen elections of 2020. It was rooted in the Establishment’s semi-covert war against President Trump and his America First agenda. The subsequent rallying-round the Usurper Regime by the Legacy Media, the suppressive actions undertaken against vocal opponents in the private sector, and the purging of dissent from the largest social-media channels are strokes in our pacification. We have been told to sit down and shut up. Resistance is useless.

     There’s no way for one observer to gauge, accurately and with complete confidence, how successful the pacification effort has been. I want to believe we still have some will to fight. However, the will to believe is a dangerous thing. Objective evidence that there remains any substantial inclination to resist the Usurpers is hard to come by.

     Yes, there remain voices opposed to the Regime. Yes, we still have our personal firearms. Yes, movement within the country and egress from the country remain largely unimpeded. But the correlation of forces is in the Usurpers’ favor. Moreover, the Regime is ginning up new measures intended to solidify its hold on power. The war in Ukraine, the monkeypox scare talk, the use of “climate change” as a rationale for strangling our fuel supply and reducing the dollar to wastepaper, and the propaganda campaign against privately owned firearms are all part of it.

     Too many Rightist commentators have placed too much hope in the November elections. Is it not clear that the electoral system is hopelessly corrupt? Is it not clear that entrenched forces in State Departments and Boards of Election throughout the country are laboring to ensure that there will be no further populist victories? Is it not clear that the Regime’s tame commentators are doing their damnedest to vilify anyone with the clarity of a Lauren Boebert or a Marjorie Taylor Greene? Is it not clear that “No matter how you vote, the government gets elected” — ?

     If there remains hope, I can’t find it in the ballot box.


     We’re not in the position of Orwell’s proles. The majority of us know what’s being done to us. We’re distributed along a continuum from There’s nothing we can do to Why hasn’t an armed revolt happened yet? But most of us keep silent, out of the sense that the Usurpers are listening. They’ve already proved vengeful toward figures they regard as capable of hurting them.

     How far has our pacification advanced? Are we still capable of even formal gestures of resistance? Should poll-watchers be told once again that they must exit the polling places and counting rooms, would they go meekly? Should force be used in the attempt to eject them, how would they respond? And come November, should the evidence of still more stolen elections be as plain as it was in 2020, what would follow?

     Those are the questions of the hour. However much I’d like it to be otherwise, I don’t have the answers.

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  1. Keep in mind the Hillbilly’s Tactic:
    Keep the government ignorant of your whereabouts, your money, your sources of income, and your property. Only trust family – and, not even ALL of them.

    Make would-be informers know the costs of betraying you – that it will be not just them, but all their property that will suffer. And, anyone who dares to go to the investigators of THOSE offenses.

    There’s a reason that the Old Mafia made it an offense worthy of death to talk – such an extreme response is the only way. You have to make them fear YOU more than the GOVERNMENT>

    It is a warlord strategy. Keep in mind that the wars America loses are always against warlords (at least, the effective warlords, not that CHAD type).

    The government can bring down individuals. They are powerless against clans.

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