Torch Song Elegy

     I’m on an “Internet retreat” at the moment, in case you’ve been wondering where the interminable essays have gone. But I want to post a quick word before returning to my fiction labors. Perhaps it will serve to explain why I’ve absented myself.

     You don’t need me to read the news to you. Anyone who can fog a mirror is aware from recent events that the Usurper Regime has gone completely extra-Constitutional and lawless. It’s their way of saying to the rest of us: Your numbers and weapons don’t mean shit to us. We laugh at your invocations of the Constitution. We know you won’t rise up. You’re too comfortable, and too cowardly.

     And they’re right.

     There couldn’t be a clearer indication that the midterms have already been “fixed.” Oh, the GOP will be allowed to gain a few seats in the House of Representatives, but the Senate will remain in Usurper hands, and the RINOs in the House will ensure the continuation of Usurper dominance. Our utter flaccidity to this point has convinced the Usurpers that we will mount no effective countermeasures to the avalanche of vote fraud they’ve arranged.

     It’s time for the mourning for America-that-was to begin.

     Don’t kid yourself. The Great Experiment is over. We proved unworthy of it. By flexing its muscles openly and without pretense against its political adversaries, the Regime has shown us a reality that we’ve needed to confront for some time: ourselves.

     Bye-bye, America. It was great while it lasted. Don’t mind me; I’m going back to writing fiction. There, I can find heroes.


    • Mike in Canada on August 10, 2022 at 10:01 AM


    I left this comment earlier this morning at John Wilder’s site, and thought it suitable for this forum as well:

    Remember playing dodgeball in public school, before it was deemed too violent? The way you would line up and wait to be chosen for this team or that? Eventually there was no one left standing on the wall; both sides had firmed up who they wanted with them, and the wall was empty.
    That seems to be where we are now. Anyone who agrees with CNN or The View or Robert De Niro listens to them when they talk. Those who do not, don’t. Any they won’t be anytime soon, either; the left has made their lunacy not just undeniably clear, but intrinsic. Thus, there are no places left in the middle; it’s one side or the other.
    Since there seems to be no moderate position left with any legitimacy, and there seems equally to be no hope of reconciliation or dialogue between the two sides, the only thing left to await is the opening of kinetic hostilities.
    If history is a teacher of any worth, this is where things are going, unless some term of this equation or other is substantively changed (or a new one introduced, or an existing one removed). This is regrettable, but, seemingly, necessary. There is no other means by which a conclusion may be reached, since all the usual avenues have been successively closed off to us, such that their normal utility has been rendered ineffective.
    So much for the checks and balances that were designed to prevent these outcomes. It has only taken a century or more for them to be defeated, such was their solidity in conception. And now we are come to it.
    Savour the time that remains, for these will indeed be seen as the good old days. It won’t be long now.
    God Bless America, and those who would stand with Her.

    I know you are familiar with these ideas; your clarity and thoughtfulness are humbling. America is the best hope we have ever had of bridging the gap between barbarism and utopia, and it is shameful that it, too, shall pass away. I had hoped there would be more time, but it seems we have had our chances to set things right, and now they are too late. I shall enjoy this last golden summer with my children, and then turn and face the onrushing darkness…

    I hope to meet you in person, on the other side, one day. Blessings to you and your house.

    Mike in Canada

    • Dan on August 10, 2022 at 3:08 PM

    The left does what they do BECAUSE THEY CAN.  We who opposes them have two choices.  Submit…or rise up and remove them by force.  Because they are NOT going to give up and go away peacefully.  If we submit they win.  If we resort to violence they believe they will win….and kill millions of us in the process.  There is NO THIRD ALTERNATIVE.  The reality is we need to start Civil War 2.0.    Because as ugly as it will be it still preferable to what they have planned or most of us.

    • Univ of Saigon 68 on August 10, 2022 at 4:37 PM

    Christopher Wray: “Interminable . . . I don’t know if I would characterize it as interminable. Are we through here? I have a plane to catch.”

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