A Strong Sense Of Confidence?

     We know – those of us who’ve been around, at least – that that’s always an invitation to a visit from the Flying Purple Shaft:

     Governor Kathy Hochul is taking a page out of Charlie Crist’s book and alienating voters. Yesterday Hochul, who is running for reelection against GOP pick Lee Zeldin, told Republicans living in New York that they should just leave.

     This Cuomoette-without-the-political-acumen sounds utterly confident that New York State’s election machinery, which is probably as corrupt as any in these United States, will hand her victory in November no matter who shows up at the polls. Either that, or she’s already resigned to being booted out of the Governor’s Mansion and has leased a flat in Rats’ Ass, Nebraska for her retirement years. No politician slags off millions of voters without being possessed by total confidence, total surrender, or a prince of Hell.

     Hochul is perhaps the strangest person ever to assume the governor’s office in the Empire State. Her attitude toward New Yorkers’ rights and well-being appears to be wholly derisive. She can’t open her mouth without thrusting her foot into it. Where’s the occupationally required low cunning required to keep a high public office?

     I suppose she’s just following in the Cuomos’ footsteps. Way back when, Mario Cuomo, having proposed a taxpayer-funded system of “Liberty Scholarships” for “the poor,” was confronted at a public appearance by a working-class mother who protested that another increase in state taxes – this one to fund scholarships for other mothers’ children – would make it impossible for her to send her own son to college. Cuomo’s reply? “Shame on you.”

     Never imagine that a New York Democrat possesses a sense of shame himself. There hasn’t been a decent, moral Democrat in the Governor’s Mansion in Albany since Al Smith. Given the state of the state, we’re unlikely ever to have one again.


    • Steve on August 29, 2022 at 1:50 PM

    Madam, my family has lived in this state since the 1680’s and we’re not going anywhere. In fact we look forward to rebuilding it to it’s former glory after creatures like yourself have finished collapsing it.

    • Chief Acid Rain on August 29, 2022 at 4:55 PM

    Yeah, it would be a real shame if all the people with skills, work ethic, businesses, tax money, and jobs, decided to up stakes and head to Free America.  They would leave behind all the parasites, no skill, dead beat takers seeking sanctuary and freebies.  What could go wrong?

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